How much time do you spend near your puppy?

I have an 8 month old black lab. She constantly wants me to play near her. She's kept in the family room because she's not potty trained yet. I don't know how much time I should spend beside her so she's not lonely. How much time do you spend with your puppy?
I spent like mad of time with both my pups when they were very infantile. I still do, but I made it a point to be with them as much as I could when they were babies. We did crate train, but only for markedly brief time periods until they were three or four months old.
As much as you can, whether you take hr for a long walk everyday she'll be more satisfied. Labradores inevitability good walks where the can travel for a huge run and wear off there energy, the shoreline that dogs are allowed on unleashed is an ideal spot.

If she's only 8 months she's still a puppy, so try and compare tht to a 7 year old child, they entail to be kept occupied, but can have thre alone time to.
you should always spend lots of times with your puppy when there tentative to grow a great companionship! i have a golden reitreiver and i spent 3 hours with him a doy when he was a puppy and so very soon he is very loyal to me. my friend didnt spend time with her dog so her dog ,now grown up hate her and bites her when she gets near and you dont want that to happen to you!
As much time as you can.

Crate training is the best way to initiate your puppy. At 8 months if she hasn't figured it out you need to try something else.

You should be walking her at least possible an hour a day plus play time. The more interaction she gets the better she will be.

I spend all morning near my puppy (13 weeks) from 9 am until 2 pm. We are outside exploring with our other dog from 10:30 until 12, then he take a nap in his crate for a while. Then my husband spends time with him at darkness.
Answers:    You need to spend good feature time with your pup but she also needs to learn to be on her own or you'll bring to a close up with a dog who suffers from separation anxiety. She'll be miserable, and freaked out every time she's left alone. Wait til she'll settled down and subdued before you go in to play. Don't relent to her imploring for attention!

Black labs are high energy dogs and need REAL work outs to burn stale energy. She's ready for some serious training. If you can't do classes, get a angelic book or find a website and get started. She should be housebroken by now. Whatever you do, be consistent!

Good luck and toss her a ball for me.
To drain her strength, try some interactive toys. They're a great way to challenge dogs intellectually, keep them inhabited, and drain their energy. I personally like the tug a water jug and bouncy bone by busy bone. I also like hide a squirrel, and the kong.
i dont hold a puppy :(
As a disabled human being and practically homebound, I am home 99.9% of the time. The majority of that time is spent with my dogs. They are my fixed companion as I am theirs.
I own a black lab myself and he is just in the region of a year old - still puppy-playful. My dog wants constant play. It's similar to he never gets tired. But going out with him to places such as dog parks and Petsmart would be great - my dog loves getting out. If you want to bond with your pup, I propose spending as much time possible with him. Dogs never get tired of you. They love you to earth's end so don't perceive like your wasting his time! But a dog should not be ignored either. Labradors within particular will begin causing destruction whether not enough attention is payed. My lab is a real pain contained by the house because he likes to tear up everything! Good luck! :)
I play and cuddle with my puppy when ever I see her! Just in short amounts, 10 minutes at a time or so. It adjectives adds up in the end!
As much time as possible. You should play with her until she is tired, then she won't bug you constantly. A really long walk is worthy for this. The dog park is even better. She needs socializing anyways!
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