How much will it cost to own a Chihuahua?

Please make a list so that it is easier to read.
Something like
Food: $$$

Also how much does a chihuahua cost?
depends i got my chihuahua for free
chihuahua's are a pain in the butt contained by my opinion, though I do own one, and he eats A LOT. They also have to be pretty okay trained and for ours we needed professional help, because he would bark consistently, whine, etc. I suppose if you buy from a reputable breeder though you shouldn't run into these problems, overall it depends on it's form, for it's food you shouldn't expect to pay too much, but if you're getting a dog please do the research yourself and not have others do it for you.
Answers:    It can cost seriously or a little. It depends on what you get. If you get a Chihuahua that wishes potty training it will be helpful to have an Exercise pen or kennel. If you want to avoid skin irritation for the dog you will want to buy more expensive dog food. (They don't eat profusely so it's not too bad) If you live someplace with cold weather then you must get a sweater and a coat for the chihuahua as they don't tolerate cold weather okay. If you want to take it around in a Chihuahua bag, after you will need one of those. A harness is better than a collar if you want to walk the dog as their neck can sustain damage easily. If there is a place that you want the dog to return with up onto easily then you will need pet stairs. They shouldn't do like mad of jumping up and down as it wears on their joints and they can hold problems later in life. I will receive a list of things I have gotten for my Chihuahua Rescue and the approximate cost.

Chihuahua bag $10- $50 (Got mine on public sale for $10.)
Stairs: $20 - $100 (some places have the cheap pop together type)
Exercise pen: $60-$80
Kennel: $ $80
Pee Pads for training: $ $18-$20 per month
Coats and Sweaters : $3- $30 each (Find a sale)
Harness: $18 (Collars can damage their spine over time)
Neuter/Spay: $80- $180
Diaper and pad if the dog goes into heat: $18 per reusable panty
Food: $10-$20 per month
Leash $10-$20
Yearly Vaccination and vet: $150
Natures Miracle Pee scent remover: $ 18
Food and hose bowls: $1-$15 (Dollar Tree sells them for $1)
Pet bed $0- $50 (Can make one with a pillow and blankets)
Love: Priceless

You can pick and choose which of these things you will entail for your specific Chihuahua. (Except the love, that's mandatory)

EDIT: If you don't need to get one right away, you can put feeler out for an adult rescue Chihuahua or talk to a breeder and see if they hold any that are retiring. Sometimes they will give them up for free once they are 6 years old because they can't breed them anymore. It takes more time to train them but they are powerfully worth it. If you must have a puppy then it will most likely cost going on for $600 dollars minimum if it is pure bred.
dog:100-1000 dollars
food: 100 dollars
toys:20 bucks
bed:20 bucks
clothes 4 it:depends on u do that
calor:10-50 dollars depends on custum made or not
leash:10-50 same thing as calor

I hold 3 small breeds (one is a Chihuahua) and it only cost me 60$ to feed them every 4 months.

Chihuahuas are VERY cheap wise surrounded by food.

But it all depends on what you buy them.

You can get really cheap things.
Or really expensive things.
Hello Paul!
It depends where you carry your Chihuahua at for the cost probably between 200$ and 600$

All together it would cost ABOUT 550$
If you hold to ask, most likely you can't afford any dog. A good Chi, from a reputable breeder and cost upwards of $1000.00. You can also adopt from your local animal shelter/rescue.
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