How soon can i donate my 7 week aged bichon puppy shots?

how soon can i give my 7 week old bichon puppy shots?
Absolutely not in the past 8 weeks of age. Although I go against traditional vet standards, my experience, and more holistic vets, says to loaf much longer for vaccinations. So many dogs get so sick after shots. We tender them too much, too fast and the carrier fluids of the shots are wrecking their systems.
puppies usually receive their first set of shots by the time they are 6 weeks old this fits with the time line so that when they travel to new homes they will have a defense against the illnesses they can pick up outside they after go in at 10 weeks both of these sets of shots are the distemper combo after that they go surrounded by at 14 weeks and get the 3rd and final distemper for the year and their first rabies shots then they go within a year for their boosters then every three years after thst. Thr breeder should have given you a shot record beside your puppy, if they did not then chances are the pup didn't own any and you need to get it in ASAP so it doesn't capture parvo or any other illness I would have a vet do it so you know it is done properly and you have narrative of it, if it were to get excited and newly so happen to nip someone(which most pups do) the person maybe not so nice and call for the police and if you have no records of shot the dog have to go in quaintine at the vets bureau at your exspense plus not to mention the fine the police could give you. IF the breeder didn't get the shots done that person is a greeder and lone breed for money and kept their expenses down so they had more $$$$ for themselves. And didn't care about the puppies resourcefully being if I never received that paper I would hold not taken the pup. Who knows what illness the pup may have or could hold picked up.
Answers:    Puppies should receive a full series of vaccines beginning at 6 to 8 weeks of age and repeated every 3 to 4 weeks until they are 16 to 20 weeks of age to protect them against adjectives the common diseases.
Unvaccinated adult dogs should also receive two full sets of vaccines spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart.

in my opinion dogs should not catch any vaccines all my dogs are naturally reared and return with no vaccines and eat a raw diet.
Its ridiculous what is in those needles and they clearly don't call for it.
The scary thing is that vets know its unnecessary and do it just for the money. Their income is based on vaccines, spay/neuter and food, if you didn't do these things they would own NO income at all!
When you go in for vaccines it make your dog sick and then you go get antibiotics to generate your dog feel better but really all they are doing is making your dog sick for more money!!
Just think approximately it what would they do if all dogs were fighting fit?Their job is to get dogs sick to make money!
You should have had a health tag from the person you got the dog from showing the first set of shots. If you paid money for this dog that breeder broke the directive. Cannot sell dogs until 8 weeks and must have HC.

Shots are due now.
Tricia.Why don't you get a VET and ask her/him adjectives these questions about your dog. How can you get a puppy and know Nothing in the region of it.
That's called Puppy abuse...Get the pup to a VET for a good check.up and it's shots and spend some time asking question. Maybe you should write them down so you remember them.
Where did you buy this dog? How is it they gave you no information? Clearly you did not get the puppy from an ethical breeder or it would not have be taken from its mother and litter mates at such a young age. That being the valise I guess the puppy has had no shots.

You should have taken the pup to your vet inwardly the first day or so for a general health check besides. Your vet will give the pup it's first shot.
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