How to serve my beagle near his food thing?

My beagle is obsessed with food. It has very soon gotten out of control. When anyone of my family is eating he go nuts. He starts crying and then he will sometimes growl!! At one time he bit my sister because she had food. He will take the food right out of the plate. When we nurture him his dinner he will eat it within seconds and save going back to his dish to lick the bowl when there is nothing within it. He is overweight and I want him to loose weight. With the way he is obsessed next to food I don't think it will happen because my family will touch bad when he is crying and whimpering and give him pieces of their food. Please help out me find a way to stop his obsession and help him lose bulk!
When someone is going to munch through they need to put him away in a closed stale room or outside. Their noses started going strong when they smell something good, so they want to drink whatever you are. I have a beagle puppy, and we put her out in her room when we get through.
the problem is that he have learned that his crying and whimpering gets him food sometimes. Your nearest and dearest needs to stop giving him food when he begs.

I also highly propose you google NILIF (nothing in life is free).. stealing food from your plates indicates that he does not respect you or your family as the alpha. In dog society, the Alpha controls resources resembling food.. he thinks he owns the food, which is why he steals.. and begging is him demanding it from you.
well you should put him in a another room far away so that he doesnt smell it and grant him that diet food . and when u let him out give him a small dog treat
You might want to try putting him in a closed off room or subterranean vault with his dinner while you're eating. Or you could put him outside, but that can obtain harder to do as winter sets in. You might want to try a diet dog food, or less food more times during the day.
The dog whisperer had this same dog next to the same problem on a recent show. Maybe you could google it and watch the past episode possibly it will help. All i know is that he knows whining and crying gets him what he desires so he will keep doing it. It's like having a kid own a tantrum and when they get what the want they continue to throw tantrums because it works. He thinks he's the alpha surrounded by the house you need to be the alpha not him. Good luck
you shouldn't give the beagle food that we eat. they will be dependent on it...and eventually will lead them on rejecting dog food(besides the droppings smells terrible (if given the ones we eat).
Answers:    First, make sure you feed him a point food that will satisfy his hunger. Try a weight control food and bestow him lots of exercise to control his weight instead of giving him smaller portions. Take his normal food quantity and nurture it to him, in his bowl, a few pieces at a time. This will force him to slow down when eating. When he is out of food, put the bowl somewhere out of sight. Keep him absent from people when they are eating. The second he starts to variety a noise because of food, put him in a crate or another room for a few mins. He will soon learn that he his behavior won't be tolerated.
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