I own a boxerador (boxer/lab mix) and at 3 months he be 19 pounds i needed to know how big will he attain ?

In two years he will get around 50 lb. I did the math. My dog was 19 pounds when adopted and he is 2 yrs so, I divided by three because of the three month difference!
Here is a rule of thumb that works pretty well:

Take the freight at 4 months and double it.

If that number is or more than 100 lbs, add 10 %.

If that number is less than 10 lbs, subtract 10 %.

That will get you pretty close to the mature weight at 18 months after the dog has filled out.

I assume if your dog weighs 19 lbs at 3 months, your dog will be about 40-50 lbs full grown. That seem very low for a Boxer / Lab mix so I wonder if that is really what you enjoy.
Answers:    No, you dont have a "boxerador". You have what you stated - a boxer lab mix. Please don't try to put a "breed" title on your dog. No-one can tell you how big he will carry - it's the risk you take when you have mixes.He will be boxer/lab size I guess.
You hold a boxer lab mix. There is no such think as a boxerador, if you bought one from a "breeder" you were surely suckered out of your money.
There is no standard size. He is a mutt.
I have a female that is a lab/boxer mix and she weigh in at 75 pounds when she is in prime condition. A male would weigh a bit more resembling around 80 pounds or so. My girl is very sweet and easy to train, you should have a great playful, but intelligent dog.
It's hard to tell beside a cross bred dog how it will turn out. His genetics will determine whatever size he will grow to be.
Don't let him gain overweight though.
My neighbors upstairs have one and he was about 1 yr when I lived there. He be about the size of a full grown Boxer or Lab and he weighed probably 80 lbs. He was extremely overexcited and strong. He was a nice dog.
Boxers and Labs are both larger dogs. I would voice that you could be looking at 50 to 75 pounds
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