I own a womanly boxer dog and she have be sick for two days. She be throwing up clear foamy stuff. ?

She is just over a year old and is usually extraordinarily very active. Yesterday she started throwing up and just lying around not ingestion or playing. She is not throwing up today but she is still just lying around and will not do anything. She has have her shots so I don't think it is parvo but it is Thanksgiving and no vets in my nouns are open to see her. Any ideas as to what might be the problem. Thank you for any advice you may know how to give. She is like one of the kids and it breaks my heart to see her so sick and I can not help
Emergency vet. If you dono't know where one is, bid your vet's office. Their answering machine should have a number to bid in emergencies, if not try other vet.

Is she spayed? If not she could have pyometra, which means she could be dead by Friday.
Find the closest emergency vet and go there.
Generally whether you call you're vets office the answering mechanism will give you a number to call in luggage of emergency and that's who you're going to call.
It may be further, and it may be more expensive but there is always a vet enlarge somewhere.
Answers:    If she's current on her shots, as you articulate, you can most likely rule out things like Parvo or distemper. So, it sounds to us like she get into something she shouldn't have -- like garbage or bones or something yucky external. (It's called "garbage gut".)

We suggest that you embezzle her temperature. "Normal" for dogs is about 101 degrees. If her temp is over 102 it method she's running a fever and that would mean it's something more serious than a temporary digestive problem.

Keep an eye on the apathy, too. If that persists or gets worse (or is accompanied by shivering or bleeding) it may be a sign that the dog be poisoned and its systems are shutting down. Locate the number of a 24-hour emergency vet and keep it on hand.

It would also be a good model to stop feeding her for 24 hours so her insides have a chance to quiet down. Let her have all the water she desires, but no food. Especially NO table scraps. After the 24 hours is up, feed her a mixture of boiled hamburger and white rice. That will fill her but be uncomplicated on her tummy... If she can keep that down and starts acting like her old self again, you can put her backbone on her normal food.
OK, let's think this out carefully. If one of your human household members became ill during the holidays, would you allow him or her to suffer a few days until the local doctor's department opened? No? Where would to take him or her? Hmmmm.
Oh my goodness, your dog sounds seriously sick. You MUST try to find a vet that is open RIGHT AWAY, whether you want to keep her. If it gets any worse, she may die. Try to persuade her to put away. Grind up her favorite treats and put it with her food in a bowl. Maybe that will help. What a unpromising time for a sick dog!

I think vets should be open, even on holidays, because pets can return with seriously sick or injured on these days, too. Don't you agree?
she might own allergies. i have a Boston Terrier that has allergies and he is always throwing up. only make sure she drinks plenty of liquid. and consequently when the vets open up get her contained by to see one.
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