I of late put my dog to sleep and?

I feel horrible. literally 15 minute ago, the place is right around the corner. She turned 15 on Nov 17th. She was a mini schnauzer. How do I get over the cramp? i never did this before.I can't stop crying. I didn't get the ashes, should I have?
I be aware of your pain, my pom Sandy was put down about 1 month ago and for 3 weeks not a soul was allowed to use her bed I put books on it so the other dogs wouldn't get on it..I wouldn't even wash her blanket which be a weekly thing..I creied and cried but never felt better..after about the 3 weeks though although I still missed her it be now a little easier to wash adjectives of her stuff (she had coats too) and I just put all her things together contained by a box,,put her name on it and put it in my closet..no you wouldn't feel better next to the ashes..my Penny is buried on our farm and I have yet to travel to her place..hopefully I will do that soon but can't do it now..so sorry for your loss..tonight you sit there and cry and remember all the apposite times..
It will take a while, but you will get through it. I have to deal with that twice in nearly 2 years. It feels really weird/sad at first, but eventually you will be okay with it. If you are able to, getting a untried dog might make you feel better. It's almost impossible to be dejected when there's a puppy around!

It's probably better that you didn't get the ashes. We buried both of my dogs in our backyard, and I had nightmares nearly it for a while. But you can make a little memorial for her! Get one of those kits to construct stepping stones, and make one in memory of her. You can take her little identify tag and put it in the stone, and then embellish around it with marbles. That will keep her memory alive, but in a glowing, "celebration of life" way.

I know it's really hard, but it will pass eventually. Good luck, and I hope you consistency better soon!
Answers:    I am so, so sorry. But do this: regard back on your pups life and remind yourself that your pup lived a long, happy existence. She was loved and she knew it. Now your pup is watching over you for the rest of your life.
I lost my childhood dog this departed January to illness. She was 12 and a chihuahua. Since then, I enjoy gotten a puppy, a mini schnauzer too. I love her to death, she is loyal and it brings tears to my eyes when I think that one day, she will no longer be next to me. A dog really is a man's best friend. They are by our sides until eternity. It pained me when my Lois passed, I cried and cried. I thought of our life together. The good memories. The funny memories. I felt heart-rending but I felt good having have the privilege of knowing such a special girl.

Go to this website. It will make you cry but in your heart, it will give you hope of that in the future when you and your pup will meet again.


I am very sorry for your loss! Was your dog sick? It take time to heal over a loss of a pet. The pain doesn't go absent but in time it does get better.

I lost my cat in January and I still cry because I miss her! She be only 2 when she died,she died of pneumonia! She would of been 3 in April!

If you required the ashes you should have gotten them but its ok if you didn't! Just remember the good times you have with your dog and know that your dog is in a better place watching over you wanting you to be happy!
if you got the ashes you might even get the impression worse
So sorry. That is old for one of those cuties. What I did was to go and get out some photo's of my little girl & spread them around the house. When I felt a little sad I'd travel & stare at them thinking about the fun we had over our 16 years together, it helps. The affliction does eventually fade away but you never forget your girl. I had to leave the body bringing up the rear because in the uk it costs lb400+ to have them cremated, however I did plant a pansy under the tree contained by my parents garden where all the deceased are. A Basset Hound would enjoy been too big to bury in the back garden. In a few months time regard about getting a new doggy possibly a different breed & have fun training it etc., & you can prepare it all the things your old lady used to do. Good luck
I would of got the ashes but that's just me...It's rock-hard, but know that she is in a much better place now and you will see her again someday..If you want the ashes call the vet and tolerate them know.I am sorry for your loss.Go to Rainbowbridge.com it's a great site for people who have lost their pets.
I'm so sorry, you did the right thing. It's really hard to loose a best friend so let yourself cry. It take time. Maybe gather up some nice pictures when your ready and make a shaving book so you can remember the happy times.
If you feel you should have the ashes you can bring back them but its a totally personal choice. You can keep them if you want or maybe agree to them free outside.
Again, sorry about your loss
Losing your dog is a horrible feeling and I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my dog last year and I got the ashes. You can receive inexpensive urns that don't look depressing or make you feel worse. We got an urn that looks similar to a rock and it has a nice plaque that says his name and so on. We put it within the herb garden because he was never supposed to be in there but he other was :] In time you will get over it. I have a investigational puppy now and love her very much. Don't feel that you shouldn't obtain a new puppy because you're "replacing" the other. Buster is still in my mind everyday. Just speech about it to anyone, you will feel much better.
My mom put our own flesh and blood dog to sleep a month ago. It still sucks. Our whole family was really messed up over it. We adjectives balled like babies. Its sad to do it, but its a quality of go issue. When your dog is in pain, you gotta take into vindication what's best for your pet. Suffer or pass awat peacefully? The choice is ALWAYS hard, even if it is the normal thing to do. I still worried that she was scared, or that we "murdered" her. But thats because we're human, we get hold of so attatched, but the fact is you did the right thing. 15 is very out-of-date for a dog, she lived a long and happy life and you will always remember her. You hold to think about it like this, she's gone in a minute and its very sad, but the time you spent with her be happy times, and that period of time far outweighs the time spent being miserable. She's happy and free now probably being chased by my Chihuahua. She died exceedingly young (10). It's terrible, but its good to cry. Get it out. Its not wrong to not obtain her ashes, some people just don't feel comfortable beside it. I personally feel like the ashes are newly something for us to hold on to. I feel like once you're dead your body ability nothing, your soul has left. But some race just can't bear the thought of not having their remains. I am so sorry for your loss, God know I know how you feel. It's completely f-d up. But a week from now you'll feel better. Be certain to have someone to talk to, friend or family extremity.It helps to rationalize with someone else. I spent a few night crying myself to sleep. Once contained by a while I do tear up, like now. lol. Just know that everyone who loved their pet go through this. You're not alone, just give yourself the time you need to grieve, do not rush it. Give yourself time and cart care of yourself. Keep busy too, that helps profusely. I wish you the best, I know you'll feel better soon. You did the right thing, and your pet is within a better place now. I apologize for this being so long, but I honsetly know how it feels, its singular been a month for me... and I still cry!
I am so sorry,it is not an easy thing.I have to put my baby down almost 3 yrs. ago and I didn't take her beside me.I still cry for her and it does get easier,but you never forget.
Its ok to feel this road, I know that you had to do it though and as hard as it seems to you, you must remember at least possible its pain ans suffering is over and it is loving you even more now because you loved it enough to do it this process instead of it dying painfully
I'm drastically sorry for you. You will just have to sit in the discomfort and wait til it subsides. Try to think of the funny things your dog has done over the time you have her. Think about how good you made her life. Time will alleviate your pain but you have to bear it for awhile. I don't reckon having the ashes will make anything better but if you ruminate you might obsess about it you could call and see whether they're still available.
Again you have my deepest sympathy.
I feel your pain. I hold lost many animals. What you need to do is get another companion. i focus that should help.
well idk roughly speaking the ashes my grandparents got alot of ground and we've always burried our animals their but we lost our sheppard in january 11th and he be almost 12 which is good for a sheppard but umm best thing to do really depends on the type of personage u r but we didnt have a dog for a few months and im home alone alot and i missed havin a dog around so we got a puppy contained by may and shes now 10 months old but u may not want another dog but music always calmed me down
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