Is Chicken Jerkey Bad for dogs?

I used to give Chicken Jerky to my dogs, is it bad for them? I stopped because I felt resembling it was too hard and it would tear up their intestine. Thoughts/knowledge?
We used the dog Chicken jerky from Costco for years. I trained them to come when called by using a thumbnail sized piece. They could chew a adjectives strip and it would just soften as they chewed. I gave up using it as my dog have allergies and we have confined their diet. It is 100% chicken no fillers, so should be nutritious. There are other nice chew products on the market.
Human chicken jerky is too flavoursome for dogs. If you are talking about the kind you can purchase for dogs, it's a great treat. It's elevated in protein and low in fat, the adjectives around healthy reward for cats and dogs.

Dogs have very strong jaws and teeth. They can put away raw bones and jerky will actually verbs up as they eat it & their stomach digests it.
It's good for dogs but much of what you buy in the US is made surrounded by China.Due to the food recalls and problems with asian raw cover up I will not feed chinese products to my dogs
I give my dogs uneven when they get caged for the monthly meds. My med box tells me to contain the dog so it doesn't get lick off, so they all get a small piece.

I wouldn't do it on a each day basis, but make sure it's the low sodium brand. The shaky won't hurt them, but the excess salt can.
Answers:    More a matter of the salt content - jerky made for human consumption have a very high sodium content - not good for dogs (or humans usually).

Give your dog shaky made specifically for dogs, or better yet, CET chews. Dogs love them, they dissolve rather than swell and cause obstruction or punctures, and they have an enzyme that cuts down on tartar build up on the dog's teeth.
Try to get jerky made specifically for dogs. Some convulsive is too salty.
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