Is it ok for my dog to devour pine cones?

My jack/rat terrier just loves playing with, and maybe consumption i'm not quite sure, the pine cones in our put a bet on yard. Just wondering if this could be dangerous for him
no because it could either choke your dog or gash its throat and it has sap on it and sap isnt to good for animals.
Its vastly VERY dangerous! Anything that can't be eaten and broken down normally (pine cones, toys, corn cobs) can and will bring back stuck in the intestines and will kill the dog if they are not surgically removed...I've see it happen. If I were you I'd rake up the cones or keep a really close eye on the dog.
Answers:    I've have two dogs that loved to play with pine cones (one medium and one small sized). They never had a problem next to it but I'd be careful to not let them chew it up too much and risk swallowing pieces. Even if it doesn't cut up their throat, it may be desperate coming out. Small dogs can have a problem and be sensitive to what they eat. If he really loves it, I'd recommend always supervising him.
I am going through this with my 5 month mature puppy and decorative pine cones. She does not eat them but destroys them leaving a trail adjectives over my house. I bet your dog does not eat them either.
No, it's not good. I would discourage that.

No. Dogs shouldn't eat anything similar to that

Most dogs will not eat something that will hurt them. probably just doing the chew thing. My dog have actually eaten the tire off my pedals barrow steel cord and all.

On the other hand some things my tare and scratch at the intesten or plug them up and warrent a trip to the vet. It's adjectives part of the life process. You might take a look at the gums and teeth subsequent time to make sure there's not damage. Whatch your dog and be a apposite judge. they learn from us and we from them.

Non's all good, cheap, and fun!
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