Is it ok to impart dogs turkey liver and giblets(cooked)?

I know liver is very apt for the dogs because of the high iron content. Probably the same for the other organs.
Obviously being poultry it should be cooked.
It is ok to tender them the liver and giblets.
Cut it up good first.

All poultry has the potential to carry salmonella. Not merely chicken. Always cook any poultry before feeding to your dogs.
It is good and so is chicken...when done surrounded by moderation and cooked.
Yes cooked only.
Sure, it's fine! In reality, you could give it to them raw. Don't believe the people that are proverb you MUST cook it. You don't have to. Dogs have different stomachs than us.

In fact, cooked bones are death-defying to dogs because they can splinter, but raw bones are fine. Cooked meat won't hurt a dog, but neither will raw.
its ok for big dogs but only a little but i mainly to some extent you not give the little dogs any because alot of small dogs are very sensitive in the stomach giblets and liver are ok individual if its cooked and a small amount but the turkey u cant have anyhting on it no seasonings fat etc.
It depends what type your dog is. our dog, a westie, cannot have cooked turkey. it is unpromising for her.
yeah! just make certain that it is cooked.
Well since their meat probably so! It would not make them sick I can report to you that. It will help your dog build more power and strength its like milk to our bones!
The giblets are bad for a small dog because of the stones. Do not give the dog the d¨Ścolletage either.
yes dogs are carnivores and need meat it is the best thing they can munch through, but all store bought meat should be cooked for them.
That would be fine for them just dont add seasonings or anything...
you can but i gave my dogs that last thanksgiving and in attendance was throw up and poop EVERYWHERE, DO NOT DO IT!
Answers:    i am wondering the same thing. i have the nouns and giblets sitting in my fridge ready to boil for her. but i think it would be okay untreated or cooked, it's your preference. if the dog caught the turkey he/she wouldn't cook it first, they would eat it organic. however if you are concerned with food borne illness or whether you are like me don't want to touch raw meat then boil it first. honest luck! and good eats! =D
It is better whether it is raw. Seriously!
Yes, but give them one and only a small amount - turkey is rich and people overfeed their pets on Thanksgiving.
No turkey for dogs!!
I do! Every time I cook a turkey I boil the liver and giblets and not only feed my dogs the organs, but I use the broth to 'flavor-up' their dry food.
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