Is it too cold to go off my dog contained by the garage when its 31 degree out?

Okay so my dad got mad at my dog(bichion) because he kept on winning and so she put him the enclose and took him in the garage. But its 31 degrees out side. Is that okay? will it kill him? (over protective owner)
it depends. if he/she has long fur then no but whether he/she has no fur then i would suggest any getting him/her a sweater or taking him/her into the house.
Generally, your dogs should have access to your living space whenever you're within it. What your dad is doing isn't teaching the dog anything. Is the dog getting a good walk EVERY daytime, and some playtime or other activity with family member? Bored dogs develop behavior problems!

But if the dog gets enough exercise, and he isn't hungry or doesn't stipulation to potty or anything, and he's just whining for no real reason, propose another technique to your dad. When the dog whines, scoop him up immediately and help yourself to him to a closet or laundry room. Isolate the dog in there FOR A FEW MINUTES. Let him out. If he starts whining again, repeat the procedure. PATIENCE AND CONSISTENCY are the keys to training nouns. You must do it EVERY time, or else the dog won't make the connection. And it may stipulation to be repeated many times to fully correct the dog's behavior.

Is your dog NEUTERED? If he hasn't been neuter, he might be whining because he wants to go find a mate. Get him neutered...
Putting the dog in a garage is not going to hurt him. But it is also not going to drill the dog anything. Why is the dog whining?
Okay apparently some of you don't have real job and children and are on a tight schedule everyday of your life and have not be woken at 3am from a whining dog. My dog does the same thing. I can get up and stride him around the neighborhood AT 3 AM WHILE YOU IDIOTS ARE RESTING QUIETLY IN YOUR BEDS and he still whines. Those types of dogs are just ike children that you are trying to potty train. You need to tire him out by exercising him and making him really alive before you go to bed ALSO get him on a bathroom diary and not feed him or give him water after a undisputed time other wise you will have a whining dog who keeps up YOUR WORKING FATHER who probably is the bread vanquisher in the family and keeps a roof over YOUR principal. If the man works hard, let him get a tranquil night sleep. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I LOVE DOGS, BUT I'LL WOULDN'T GIVE MY WARM BED TO A DOG AND ME BE OUT IN THE COLD. I had my dog whine from 3am until daybreak b/c he required to play. Needless to say my husband and I both had a crappy day that following morning. When he whine the next night he woke up my son, and that was the final straw. we put him out surrounded by the garage with warm blankets and made sure he would stay thaw and he got his act together. Now every time he does the whinning game, a dark in the garage gets him back within line. I love dogs, but you can't sacarfice your fathers rest and sanity for a whinny dog. Espically whether there nothing wrong with the dog and he in recent times wants to play in the middle of thr night.

You may focus I'm harsh, but this is what my Vet told me to do, and it works! Thank God!

By the way dogs are ancestors of wild wolves... they stay out surrounded by the elements. We need to stop putting dogs over humans. There is a line. You can love your pets, but like crazy dogs, they can turn on you. REMEMBER THAT.

Just make sure that he has plenty of thaw blankets and cover his cage to keep the warmth within. It'll be like a sleeping bag for him. After a couple nights within th garage, he'll be more appreciative of being inside and stay quite. Just remember to make him tired and restless and no food or marine after a certain time.
Bichons can be pretty wimpy. They could be OK at 31 degrees, but should enjoy some extra blankets or a dog "coat". Any colder, and he will have a hard time. Most potential, he will not freeze to death, but imaging spending the night yourself outside beside minimal clothing.
Yes it is too cold. What's the event with your father? This is a small dog. Bichons are basically lap dogs and manifestly inside dogs. I bet putting the poor little thing in the garage didn't stop the whining.

If your dog starts to whine then recompense him some attention, He's your dog and it's your job to protect him.
Are you sure the dog is not sick? Is he bored? Do you walk him and play near him? Keep him active. A tired dog is a good dog.
Answers:    Did you guys integer what he was whining at? maybe he had to step to the bathroom or he was bored.

there is no reason to put a dog, within a cage, in the garage because he was "whining"

to distract from whinning afterwards you should have played with him.

If he is used to being inside, it is too cold to put him outside. If your dad insists on leaving him external. Put towels or a blanket on the bottom of the cage and cover the outside of the crate with a blanket (will lend a hand keep in body heat). Poor doggy!
It will probably be doomed to failure for his health and might kill him
first what kind of dog is it ? long hair? if so pass her a blanket and she should be fine in a garage there is no wind and that help alot.
don't hail as yourself over protective, and go get that dog inside, especially small breeds, i freshly hope the dog isn't dead already. it worries me that someone who even has to ask this question is within charge of the well being of a helpless life. deem about it this way, would you ever make your dog sleep contained by the freezer next to the ice cream...? i didn't think so!


IN RESPONSE TO THE RANTING POST SEVERAL AFTER MINE: we are not putting dogs over culture, and as for us not having jobs and busy schedule, we do, and thus we know how to do things right the first time, like properly train our dogs in the first place so you don't deal next to these behaviors later on. also, no where in your response did you mention what nice of dog you had or the temperatures you were disappearing it outside at. i would have no problem leaving a husky contained by the garage at that temperature, he may even be more comfortable, but a little bichion ( i dont care long haired or short haired, thats crap) can't bar below freezing temperatures for the night. he may be okay, but he may not. i know my friends bichion can't be outside to play too long contained by the winter, little dogs are fragile things. and as for dogs being decendants of wolfs, give me a break, of course they are, but you're a decendant of an ape and whether you had to eat only fruit for a month you'd die of diarea, animals evolve, dogs evolve specifically rapidly, something like a bichion has nearly nothing in common beside a wild wolf any more.
here is a simple answer...

would you like to stay/sleep in the garage when it is 31 outside? probably not.
In my opinion, No it's not ok to leave a dog external in weather that cold. Just because the dog was whining, that's not reason to stick him external in the cold. Dogs whine for a reason! Did your dad bother to find out why the dog was whining? Maybe he simply needed to go outside. Bring the poor dog inside the house, where he belongs!
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