Is it true that a purebred dog can..?

My boyfriend claims that one way to tell if a dog is purebred is that the dog can and will lay completely flat on his/hers stomach with their legs sprawled out. Says a purebred is flexible enough to do it. I told him he's full of it, but I don't have any proof end in my mutt is the only one who can't and doesn't do it! Which of us is right?
He's full of it.
My Boxer is purebred w/papers and she lays flat on her stomach with her legs extended beside her. She isn't the first purebred dog that I have owned. I thought she laid this course because she is fat. LOL. She is the first, that I have seen, lay close to this. It is kinda of funny to see. She looks like a fat frog.
You are correct. He is full of it. The solitary way to know if a dog is a purebreed it has registration papers from a reputable registry.
well I heard that if dog can hold plastic Haloween cranium in paw and recite...
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then it is definitely purebred.
Rehome the boyfriend
Your boyfriend is ridiculous - no idea where he comes up next to such nonsense, but he needs to get his facts right since spouting off.

You're right, he's wrong - and if I were you I'd achieve a smarter, or at least less annoying, boyfriend.

Well, you must be, because I own a GSD/Rottie mix with a bit of Border Collie, and he can do that.
Yes, he is full of it. Most of my dogs enjoy been mutts and several of them laid flat out. Front legs forward, hind legs back and belly on the floor.
your bf is full of bs. A does pedigree has nil to do with how he or she likes to lay on the floor. Flexibility is not a breed trait in any dog. I work at a doggy daycare and we enjoy a little golden with a questionable background who like to do somersaults. How is that for flexible?
ok i have a mut... i mean a mixed breed, sry i don't like the residence mutt. anyway my dog can lay on his belly and all spread out. so he's so not right
not true.. any dog can do it if their hips are flexible satisfactory to do it. I know purebred dogs who do not lay that way... and I know mixes who do. That is no indication of being purebred or not.. its just a issue of if the dog finds that position comfortable or not!
how absurd.. purebred dogs will in some cases hold more joint issues then mutts due to long lines of inner breeding to keep blood lines pure-ish... smack him for that one :D
I have never hear of such. I have had several mixed breed dogs lay flat out.
You are. The only proof for a purebred is to get one from a reputable breeder.
Oh my gosh, he's a moron. There's is no TEST for purebreds. In certainty 'flexibility' in his eyes can more often be BAD hips!! My rescued lab has horrid hips and lays similar to that.

I agree, rehome him ;)
That doesn't sound right at adjectives. I think your boyfriend is just pulling your leg with that one.
My purebred does that, but so does my sons mutt...
Ummm, I hold never heard that, I believe that's crazy to even think something like that. You are right 100%
My purebred beagle can't do that but her best doggie friend which is a mix between 6 different breeds does!
He is full of it for certain!
Sounds close to an urban myth. Nope, hes full of it.
Dr. Dog
Answers:    You are right. Many dogs, all which can be flexible enough, can do this "frog" position. Mutts and purebreds alike can do this, the solitary factor that matter is the dog's flexibility.
The only way to enlighten if a dog is purebred is to get one from a responsible breeder and to find out about its pedigree. No responsible breeder would allow any other breeds surrounded by their lines, so buying from a responsible breeder would guarantee a purebred, that's all.

As for the frog position itself, it is a good thing. Not adjectives dogs are that flexible, and flexibility = good flexible joints = less feasible chance of stiffness etc occuring. Of course, it doesn't matter if a dog can't any. My dog Lui is a purebred and he can't at all.
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