Is my dog going into labor soon?

I've read up on everything to expect when your dog is expecting and my dog has been acting like she be going to whelp now for about three days. She sat up adjectives night panting the night before ultimate and she's been nesting and digging not to mention her milk came in at smallest 3 days ago. But nothing has come of it "yet". I'm getting tired. I've been staying domestic and waiting. I'm even afraid to run to the store because she just might go into active labor while I'm gone. Is this something explicitly normal for them to have quite a few symptoms and still enjoy a week left. She is 58 days tomorrow but theres always a little room for human error. I took her temp later night at 10:00pm it was 99.1 then again at 10:00am nowadays and it was 99.2 and again at 10:00pm tonight it was 99.9 so her temp isn't telling me much. Do you guys expect I should expect them in the next couple days or a week or do you think anytime intensely soon? I'm asking so I can go run a few errands. Or does it sound to risky. She isn't shaking or bleeding. How long can this go on in need a birth. I know they can go up to about 64 days but with adjectives the symptoms it just doesn't seem right. She also still has her appetite. I'll catalogue the symptoms below.

Shredding paper
scratching at bedding
milk has come surrounded by
panting but not consistently anymore
(the other night she panted all night)
don't move around a total lot only to go out or to eat, or come see me.

Right immediately she seems content again aside from always finding a basket or something to nest contained by. How long do they usually do this before the deliver. I'm a new breeder 1st litter. I own hand made her a whelping box that she will have her babies in and whelping gear so I'm prepared and just waiting. I had an ultrasound at 30 days so she is definitely pregnant! What are your thoughts on the situation. Obviously it will ensue when she's ready but do you think sooner than later?
First of all gestation is typically 63 days. I enjoy seen a standard poodle go as long as 70 with no problems. It will come to pass when you least expect it. Rest assure dogs have a natural intuition when it comes to giving birth. They really do not need your help. Go to the store, go to bed...make tracks the dog to have her puppies in peace. I know it is scary but you are not doing her any honourable by giving off nervous energy. She can pick up on that and it can put together her reluctant to have her puppies around you. One thing you did not mention is what kind of dog it is. If it is any considerate of bulldog (english or french) disregard everything I have said and see a vet immediatey otherwise leave her alone for a while. If you notice that she have a clear bloody discharge and does not deliver a pup within an hour or you see her pushing with no results then it may be time to christen the vet. Nothing I have said is absolute. Every dog is different as is every delivery. Nobody know your dog better than you and if you think you need a vet go and get one! Hope this helps.
Having had lots of pups born on our farm she should walk about 63 days but like you said give or steal..what you are suggesting is she is in the first steps of labour, her temp will drop 24 hours before they are born and as a rule of thumb she will budge off her food..go do your errands..sometimes by being up tight you get her know they are going to come ..just leave her surrounded by her whelping box or crate with paper to shed..she will shred and lay down and get up a little times..then she will strain..she may let out a whine or yelp and that should be first pup..about 20 min 1/2 hr between pups anymore than an hour run to vet..we once had 14 pups born over the course of 3 days from one dog..all lived
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my dog had hers before the due date but its freshly around 63 days,,i think hers was the 60 th day,,2 days back,,she would do the same thing,,pant and lay around,,if she trys to procure you to lay with her shes getting ready,,they want the closeness at that time,,its so exciting to see the pups being born,,believe me she wont be much longer,,she have all the symptoms..oh it so sweet,,i just had 6 labs and they are 2 months elderly now and are beautiful..
i wish you luck and hope she does suitable,,
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