Is My Puppy A Girl Or Boy?

OK so ive never owned a little girl puppy and when i got her, the owners said she is a girl, she has have her first shots and on the paper it says a girl, but when i look down there, it looks similar to she has a penis,
im very confused, i dont know much about puppys i guess lol and no im not a doomed to failure pet owner she is spoiled i just would like to know if she is a moment or two girl.
have a neighbor look. If they dont know then take the dog to the vet. He will know how to tell you in about two second.
is the penis looking thing in the middle of the abdomine or right contained by between where the back legs meet on (closer to the butt)? whether it is in the middlde near abdomine you have a boy otherwise whether it is closer to the buu you have a girl I would hope the breeder knew the difference between the two when you go to the vet for the subsequent set of shots ask him if my descriptions where not clear enough foryou!
If she have a vagina between her legs, it's a girl. If she has a penis a little further up, it's a boy. Ask your vet if you can't wish.
She could have an umbilical hernia. That's where the navel protrudes from the stomach. This could enjoy been caused when the mother was consumption the placenta and pulling to hard on the umbilical cord while she was whelped. A female should hold genetalia near the anus. A male would have it right underneath the stomach button.
Female dogs still have a little thing down here, I don't know what it's for but it's really small. I'm guessing that's what has you confused but if it looks like a full penis ask someone haha.
I'm sure the Vet would have brought it to your attention whether she was a boy and you said she was a girl. She should have to walk back in a month for further shots so ask the vet to make certain.
Uhhhhh haha wow, its more than llikely a girl whether the owner says its a girl..lokk at pictures on the internet, its really not that difficult!
First rotten how does it go to the bathroom. Maybe you should watch. You could take it to the vet too. Obviously since you don't know roughly animals you won't feel for testicles. So just take it to the vet.
It's a girl... My dog had puppies and some were girls and some were boys [4 within all] and it looks like it's a penis... But it's not...
I had a full grown dog named Belvadere [a boy's name] and afterwards only when she was older [about 1] did we discern she was a girl... And shortened it to Belle... =]
the penis on a boy will be located more on the tummy.

the vulva of a female will be farther down between her legs, right below the anus.
a dogs penis is located in their lower belly not between their hind legs.
She is probably a girl, she just hasn't been spayed/Nuterd. All considering though the lone way to tell is to go to the vet. Best of Luck.
Okay... a male puppy's genitals are going to be more around his stomach nouns. A female puppy's genitals are between her legs and closer to her butt.
Take it back to the vet and ask them to determine the sex of the puppy for you.
thatts wierdd. r u a girl? motive it would look kinda familiar if ur dog was. but srry thas strange. ask ur doctor. and no im not a perv. lol biddable luck
sorry i cant find any info about that ill merely say a girl caz thats what like everything says angelic lick just go to the doc. and ask the will prob. find out

powerfully do not feel alone when i oned my first puppy i also did not know so i asked the vet how do you tell and he said to me a puppy is more difficult to judge than a full-size dog so he told me a male and female puppy,s ...almost look one and the same but if it is very very close to the tail it is a womanly a baby puppy male does not have bals yeat . solely his litle stick is inside his skin and further away from his skin.
does the puppy have balls.if yes after it's a boy
Well do you have a friend who is used to dealing with puppies and dogs. If so I propose you ask them and ask them to explain to you on how to tell the difference.
that body part is known as a clitoris. its a
Hm. Could be an unfinished transgender...?
Answers:    ok it is really easy to sex a dog from a **.
the girl will have no willy
but the boy will have a willy
whether u took her for her shots then i am sure that the vet would have checked its sex - dont stress around it though if your still not sure then whip her to a vet to be checked out - they should charge you a little amount
tae her to a vet deerrrrrrrrrr
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