Is using an elevated dog food bowl impossible for my dog?

my dog tends to get a lot of nouns in her tummy because her food bowl is on the floor and we found that putting her bowl on some sort of box helped her with that problem, but i only heard that elevated dog food bowls may increase the chances for dogs to get bloating (potentially deadly) is this true?
if truth be told, just the opposite. less nouns in the tummy is a good thing, and help with bloat. I think the benefits far outweight the cons. Although I have never hear of it being "bad" for a dog at all, myself.
Well, elevated food bowls enjoy their pros and cons. They can help with some digestion problems, and are easier on the dog's joints, but it have been said that they can increase the chances of bloat.

But if you're saw that your dog swallows less air with the elevated bowl, next that will decrease the chance of bloat, because bloat is caused by dogs have air in their stomachs that doesn't get released.

The best bearing to prevent bloat is to not let your dog exercise for about an hour after she eats.

The likelihood of bloat also are highly dependent on the breed of dog, with larger dogs being more at risk.

So I guess it's caring of a gray area. You might want to ask your vet about it.
I have not heard about the bloating. But the elevated feeding is enormously good for their bones and muscles, cause they can eat at manager level.
May not be of benefit to tiny dogs, but most dogs get a lot of benefits from not have to drop their head down to floor, each time they eat or drink.
I haven't heard of that before but I've seen relations with bigger dogs, including one I used to have, like Great Danes and German Shepards use elevated dog bowls next to no problem what-so-ever. Actually I've seen it better for the dogs since they don't have to lean down so much.

But I'm not 100% sure, you may want to ask a veterinarian on this.
No, just the opposite is true. In an elevated bowl, the dogs own to slow down their eating, and cant gulp as much and take in smaller quantity air. More and more dog owners are going to this method as it promotes better digestion in the dog.
Depending on the size of your dog the elevated bowl my not single be helpful but necessary. I have Great Danes, it would be more toxic to them to have a low bowl. It should be at a comfortable height for your pooch. She should not have to make to get to it ( low or high)
Answers:    In heaps ways, the jury is still out on the topic.

Initially, the idea was that elevated feeders would help moderate the incidence of bloat. However, new studies have shown that a lot of the things we once recommended to owners of bloat-prone dogs (including elevated feeders) may in truth be causing more harm than good.

Purdue University did one of the more recent life-size studies that tested out a number of the recommendations and found some pretty surprising things:

Factors That Make Difference - These measures, long been thought to drain the risk of bloat, were found to have no effect:

Restricting exercise before or after intake
Restricting water intake before and/or after meals
Feeding two or more meal per day
Moistening dry kibble before feeding

Factors That DO Make A Difference

These four (4) factor ARE associated with an increased risk of bloat in large breed dogs

1)Raising the food dish more than doubled the risk for bloat
2)Speed of drinking -Dogs rated by their owners as very fast eaters have a 38% increased risk of bloat
3)Age: The study found that risk increased by 20% with each year of age. Owners should be more alert to early signs of bloat as their dogs grow elder.
4)Family History: Having a first-degree relative (parent, sibling or offspring) that had bloated increased a dog's risk by 63%.

I know one thing for sure...whether I had a dog at high risk for GDV, I would most definitely win his/her stomach representatively tacked when they got spayed or neutered.
I think any way, there is a danger.
I enjoy chosen to use a raised bowl for my lab for the last 2 years and have not have any problems.
There are other things that are more apt to cause bloat, such as eating prior to heavy exercise.
I don't know where you get that information, but I'm pretty sure its wrong. Elevated bowls are actually good, particularly for older dogs who usually have arthritis and bending down may be mortified. You should probably go to the vet to check out the bloating because it may have nothing to do next to the location of the bowl.
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