Medication after have dog spayed?

I just had my 6 month old boxer spayed nowadays. I just want to know if dogs usually return with pain meds or antibiotics or anything after the surgery because we didnt get anything. I know that she got a backache shot after the surgery but thats it. Did your dog get meds? Did the spay change her personality at adjectives?
Thanks all!

Depends on the vet and the dog. My female was sent domestic with antibiotics and pain meds post-spay. My male be sent home with a sedative and painkillers after his spay, and they gave him an antibiotic injection when they did the surgery. Some vets don't send domestic painkillers unless the dog seems to be in pain, and some bestow an injectable antibiotic before they go home, which may be why she be given no antibiotic pills. Some give no antibiotics at all. Neither had a changeover in personality at all following the procedure.
At my vet clinic, spay dogs were not allowed to go domestic the same day as the surgery, and they were given a post surgical spasm shot of metacam, and then sent home with Metacam and Tramadol for two weeks.

All vet differ on pain management. If this makes you discomfited, you may want to call your vet and ask for pain medicine. Your dog a short time ago had a total hysterectomy. It is painful. It takes a woman 4-6 weeks to return to ordinary after this surgery, and she is doped out of her gourd for the first couple of weeks.

Perhaps this was a question that could have be asked to the vet BEFORE consenting to the surgery. You would have had time to find another vet that more suited your pain guidance style.

A spay does not change personalities of dogs. Thank you for spaying your pet.
it depends on the vet. some automatically send home strain meds and some still do not. it should be an option if its not automatic. the pain shots singular last 8-12 hours. antibiotics shouldn't be needed as it should be a sterile surgery. if your dog still seems scratchy after 24-48 hours, your vet should be able to get your baby cramp meds. good luck
What to expect postsurgery

* Some clinics allow you to pick her up and pocket her home the day of the surgery, and some want her to remain overnight.
* Pain medication can be given for those dogs who need it, but most don't.
* She might be for a while nauseated and not eat normally for a day or two afterwards.
* Restrict her hum for the following week, since a lot of movement or exercise can cause swelling or allow fluid to accumulate lower than the incision.
* Stitches will need to be removed after about seven to 10 days, depending on the type of stitch material used. Your veterinarian will afford you details about how to check that the incision is healing, and when to come back contained by for this final detail.
* Some dogs cough after surgery because the anesthesia tube, which is put down the throat, can cause irritation. Don't worry unless it last more than a couple of days; after that, christen your vet.

Check this link for more info.
most of the time pain medication after that generous of surgery is not required. when i took my dog in it was an option. i did bring the pain medication just in overnight case, i didn't want to see my dog in pain. if your dogs acting run of the mill then shes fine. but if your dog is acting different. like not wanting to move, crying, yelp, etc.. call your vet and ask them to give her a prescription. you can also try giving your dog baby aspirin. i know it nouns weird but it does work. your dogs personality after the surgery will not change.. I don`t know some tendency's but that's it. she might have less aggression, less Territorial mark, thing like that. in some cases, it doesn't transmutation the dog at all. my dog was one of those dogs who didn't change what so ever.
I don't believe I get meds after my younger dog was spayed, but I think I did for the older one. Different vet at different hospitals did them. I think it just depends on your vet's policy. Usually with the dull pain meds, they only send them home whether the dog is showing signs that it needs them. Antibiotics I believe they're using less and less for routine surgeries so the animals don't build up tolerance. (Same go for humans.)

As far as My girls are exactly the same as up to that time they were spayed. My males are exactly the same as until that time they were neutered. Just without the crazy hormones rushing through them.
Answers:    My dogs have never received pain meds after a spay. They really don't call for it. Spoke to the vet and he said that dogs aren't like people, they don't think it's going to hurt, unlike when we wake up up from surgery.

Wow, someone here said that the vet gave them Rimadyl (spelling?). That's not a pain med, it's for hips and joints. It's if truth be told very bad for a dog, Think I'd change vet if mine gave me that as a pain med.

And, NO, it doesn't amend their personality, not in the least

Thank you for person a responsible dog owner.
No pain meds OR antibiotics for mine. She was sore the first day or two, but after that she be back to her old self (and hard to hang on to from bouncing everywhere). ;) The spay won't change her personality at all.

Actually Rimadyl IS a strain medication, but I do agree that it's not safe.
Depends on the vet.. sometimes I be given Rimadyll for my dogs after their spay/neuter.. and sometimes I wasnt. Honestly, it wasnt really needed anyways.

Its probably better that your dog feels the pain for a few days.. she will rest then and wont be as potential to pull or tear on her incision with leisure.. if she is given pain relief she may be more expected to run and jump around and may open up her incision doing so.

Antibiotics are not typically given unless the vet thinks here is a risk of infection, or there was evidence of an infection in the dog's system.

My pets be all the same after their spay/neuters.. it doesnt change the opinion of yourself at all.

NO medication is 100% safe.. all meds enjoy risks and side effects.

Spaying or neutering will keep your dog from getting pregnant or impregnate another dog. Females get the spay surgery, which removes the ovaries and uterus, while a neuter surgery removes a male dog's testicles.
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