Min Pin Help With House Training! Owners with the sole purpose, please?

I just got a four-month old, mannish min pin last weekend. I have done a lot of research online and hold learned he will be difficult to house-break. I was hoping some Min-Pin owners can give their own suggestion on how they trained their Min Pin. One problem I have is that it is so cold (I live in upstate NY) that he will not go external, and I know you have to be extra careful next to this breed being cold, so I feel bad staying out within with him too long. So I am just asking for advice from Min Pin owners, and whether there is any other advice you care to share beside me!

Please do not just do a search for how to train them, I have read every website out near, I am just looking for personal advice! And please no "I had one and insufferable it!" We all disagree on dogs, so please just advice from Min Pin owners who approaching their dogs! Thank you!
I don't own a min pin but a good friend of mine does. She had some trouble with the house training too. It be taking the dog a longer than expected time to learn to wait until she was external to go. My friend took her out every 30 mins but the dog continued to go inside too.
She opted for the training pad you put on the floor.
She put them in the laundry room on the tile floor.
Continued to take the dog to the pads every 30 mins to point them out. She wipe some urine on one of them to get the scent there.

The dog soon got the model to go on the pads only.
We live within Michigan and have the same weather problem and the dog has no fur to speak of and a short time ago seemed too cold to go potty outside contained by the coldest days.
My friend used the pads for the winter months, praising the dog like crazy when she used them. Even praising her when she went into the laundry room and sniffed the pad.
Anyway, after a couple of months using the pads, my friend placed a soiled pad external in the area she wanted the dog to start going. She took the dog out within every day to show her the pad and praised her when she was even sniffing the wipe, trying to get her comfortable with it.
The dog soon started going on the pad and subsequent to the pad.
That took another month but the dog has it figured out and go outside only
It seemed to me that that breed took longer to find used to house training than any other dogs that I have ever had?? But she did get it eventually.
If it's that important to you to hear from other Min Pin owners, you should post this quiz on an owners forum, i.e.: http://pawpals.zeussdoghouse.com/

You should be able to get a lot of input.
Answers:    the Miniature Pinscher is in fact just as difficult as the JRT or any other terrier to house train. Generally regard as one of the most difficult breeds primarily due to weather. They simply do not like cold, wet etc.
A Miniature Pinscher that is 85% house trained is considered house trained. I enjoy personally found a set routine regarding feeding allowing specific amount of time after that placing them out, surrounded by most cases whether they like it or not. It may sound abrupt but I hold been breeding and raising them for over 48 years. In due time they catch on but it other comes down to a routine that needs to be strictly adhered too. In my case next to 12, they are crate trained even the older ones who I have adopted and enjoy come to me with very little knowledge of a crate. They are feed in their crates then after approx 45 min to an hour they are all ushered external. It will take some time as the breed is extremely independent and likes to do what they want when they want but so long as you stick to it they will eventually bend most of the time and concede. Unfortunately the mistake that many build is seeing this breed as a toy breed thus assuming it is a small lap dog when it fact it is a true terrier and one of the oldest of all terriers.
The push button with this breed is patience alot of it.
Good luck.
One other note, I tend to motivate them when they are external to stimulate their system. They are a high energy breed so it is instinctive for them to want to run. By getting them started it does help beside the process and they will pick up on the idea eventually that if they do get out and run, the sooner they are finished and the sooner they return with back in the house. .
I hold been breeding minpins for more than 12 years. You are right, they are hard to housetrain. They are even harder to train in the winter. I enjoy a 6 mo old right now, I have not even started training him external, and wont until spring. He will just go out and shiver at this point. I'm in CT, so not moderately as cold, but still cold. I use a large crate or ex-pen for my puppies and train them on puppy training pads or paper. Most of my minpins enjoy taken about a year to housetrain. Some of them are still not fully trained. Minpins will ask to go out, and if you don't respond that moment, you are too late. They will look at you like I tried to tell you. If you can set up a sizeable crate with enough room for a bed and paper or training pad, that would be best. You can also litter box train these dogs. It's always a good idea to own an alternative to going out, because some of these dogs never get fully housetrained. I have others that are fantastic and be trained fully by 3 or 4 months. Stick with it. Just realize that normal house training does not always work on a minpin. Have some leniency..
I know a lot something like hard to housetrain dogs. Not to put down the difficulties of training a Min Pin, I know they are not as easy as some breeds, but a lot of Jack Russell can be more difficult. Here are some things to backing with house training.
In less than really cold weather, go out side next to the dog while training him. Bring along a really special treat (I like a small chunk of steak for this training). Walk the dog in the back patio (don’t hesitate to use a leash) until the dog does his business. Immediately praise (wait to compliment until the dog is completely finished) then give that special treat.

For the cold days, bundle the dog up, attach a leash, lead the dog absent from the house. Keep the dog walking until his business is done, then pick him up and put him inside your coat. Carry him back into the house.

Now—here is something to really consider. My dog is in a minute 12. With her short coat, she has a hard time in sub not anything temps going outside. If I were to do things over again, I’d do what is called reverse housetraining. I’d initiate the dog to go inside the house in a special area. To do this, you use a especially large wire crate. In one end, you put puppy litter and contained by the other end you put a sleeping pillow. This allows the dog to leave his sleeping area to do his commerce. (This works best when the puppies are very young. Yours is getting a little elder, but this still may work. A lot of people with Italian Greyhounds need to do this.) This can instruct the dog that going inside in the right area is okay. My friend who raises Jack Russell have done this extensively with her young puppies and found they transition into going outside only just fine.

No matter what technique you choose, keep in intellect that your kind of breed will typically get bowl control much sooner than urinary control. Some of these smaller breeds don’t have physical good urine control until they are 5 or with some 7 months old. Playing next to the dog will bring on the urge, so don’t be surprised if after a little romping the pup wants to pee.

I hope this get you a start on some idea. In my new book, I have an entire chapter on housetraining for a function. Good luck.

Peggy Swager
author of Training the Hard to Train Dog

i am not to far absent from u and am just accross the border in canada where are weather is pretty much like peas in a pod.get a sweater for ur pooch and put it on to keep his upper body warm later apply a coating of vaseline on his feet to ward off snow and water from probing through then wipe it off when he comes in.clutch him out right after eatting,playing napping etc and go with him to the area u want him to do his potty. he is exotic to ur home so teach him just approaching he is a little pup with the potty training and by keeping him warm he will start to jump outside to do his buisness and right back in again.for the first week or so but his leash on and thieve him to the potty area and wait for him to go. excersize will assist keep his bladder and bowels moving so a good walk or run will aid.when he goes praise him and show him lots of affection and he will start going quicker to get rear legs insdie where he is warm and comfy. it will take time for him to adjust to u and his unmarked home but he is young enought to learn. when he see his sweather he will know its time to go out and do potty. good luck
I don't hold a min-pin, but I have a manchester terrier, which is similar in all respects that you are concerned around (I also live in Vermont). Get a sweater and a set of booties. The idea is not to just go him out there for extended periods of time. Our manchester runs out, does her business and runs support in. Sometimes I have to push her out the door, but she knows she just has to stay out until she goes, so she doesn't waste any time. Start him out on a leash to fashion sure he actually goes. If you reflect on it's time for him to go and he hasn't, then crate him when you come back within, wait about 20 minutes or so, and bring him back out again. When he go outside praise him and only tell off him if you actually catch him going inside. Make certain you are feeding him only twice a day (once contained by the morning and once at night) on a regular schedule and limit the treats to small pieces during training times only. As a puppy, he will stipulation to go out about 20 minutes after he eats, as soon as we wake up from a nap, or after he has been playing. Our Manchester is 8 months elderly and is finally house trained. It takes awhile, so have some patience.
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