My 9 month older puppy won't stop biting and chewing inhabitants! Why? ?

He is a 9 month old Labrador/Boxer Cross, but looks more like a lab. He just loves to play. But the problem is that he grab on to peoples forearms and bites down, sometimes really hard too. But the weird part is that he lone does it to adults, he cuddles and plays with children! He also has a habit of sucking on the corner of blankets and tear the stuffing out of toys before he plays with them.. how do I fix these problems while he is still a puppy! I feel close to I have tried everything! Any suggestions how to solve this problem? I live in a rural community and there is no dog trainers around to back me with this problem!
That's basically what puppies do. normally they bite on people and opening up things because they are still in that stage of all they want to do is play. Just tell them no, and stroke them on the nose or point your finger and say no. It worked for my dachshund. Otherwise, maybe whether you haven't gotten them neutered or spaded. that could be an option? They tend to be wild and crazy until you do that.
1. he's a young puppy who is lonely for playmates.
2. he's probably teething.
3. while i'm glad he is one and only doing this to adults and not children it should not be tolerated. every time he does this you should shot water at him from a water gun and sternly say NO, BAD DOG and remove him from the situation. to another room where on earth there is nothing that he can destroy or the subterranean vault or outside if the weather is not bad. he will soon attain the message.
is he teething?
my puppy wouldnt stop chewing on people we just kept giving her toys to distract.. but later when all her teeth grew in she stopped
he should mellow out as he get older
my dog did the same thing,but she doesn't anymore unless she feel neglected[in which case she grabs my arm and pulls me to a toy]
maybe he sucks the corners of blankets cuz he misses his mom?
you could try to spray something that taste bad on your skin
Very simply, he is doing this because you haven't told him it's not ok to do that.

You must stop him immediately when he even tries to grab on to any body part. Tell everyone that comes into your domestic that if he tries it they are to pull their arm away, articulate "NO" and turn away from him. The worst thing for most dogs is to be ignored. He is not to bring back any attention until he is calm, with all 4 paw on the ground.

As for the toys, he's a labrador. He will be boisterous. If he is just chewing his own toys then tough. They are his toys. In future do not bestow him toys with stuffing in them. Take away any he may hold as a dog can choke on stuffing in a matter of minutes. Use your common sense. Get him the additional tough Kong toy.


You need to keep saying no. It's not a wonder-fix. It take time and patience.
I may suggest for the biting when he does bite you call for to tell him it hurts... lol sounds silly but it worked for my sheep dog collie, who is not big enough to truly eat people so when she was a pup she'd bite adjectives kinds of things and other people too... what i did was when she bit i'd cry out "OUCH" and she'd stop and look at me (this is even if she bites the coach, object or someone) and soon enough she realize she was hurting the one she loved when she bit things that were not hers to begin next to.

but for sucking on blankets and tearing stuffing.. not sure. :)
hope this helps.
Answers:    It's because he didn't have bite inhibition training when he was babyish. Bite inhibition is a dog's ability to control the force with which he bites. EVERY TIME his teeth touch anyone's skin, that person should yelp "Ow!", turn absent, go off and ignore the dog for several minutes. Don't clutch the dog's snout or stuff your hand in his mouth or things like that. It will label him just think you're playing. And don't use the tired, old "no" when here is a better method.

My dogs always eventually get the stuffing out of their plush toys. I simply bought better quality ones that don't draw from destroyed nearly as fast. They love these:

I'm not sure where your dog is getting hold of blankets. My dogs don't sleep on my bed, they own their own comfortable dog beds. When they're crated they don't have access to blankets, either. I use crate pad and tough, woven cotton mats to line their crates. The pit chewed the corner of his crate pad at first, but I put roll-on deodorant on it. That stuff taste nasty so he stopped. You can also buy a product in pet stores called Bitter Apple to spray on.

Make certain your dog gets a long walk with you every time. A tired dog, and one who has satisfied his instinct to waddle, is a better-behaved dog.

Edit: Give a high-pitched yelp "ow", instead of saying "no". This imitates the bearing dogs in a litter correct one another for biting.
Boxer naturally identify and protect kids. That is why this is only being done to adults. Now as to the biting, this is what I did when my GS did that as a puppy. I if truth be told would Shove my arm into his mouth when he got to where he wanted to bite on my arm. After simply a few days he learned that if he bit me he would be unable to shut his mouth and he didn't like the feel of my arm opening his mouth broad. He stopped and didn't do that to me again. Of course this did not prevent him from biting someone else when he broke into my home. It just taught him that biting ME be BAD.
what Tasha said, yeah ...I've also found that when they start showing signs that they're gonna bite (when they start getting too hyper), stopping the play entirely & a firm "no" assist get the message across that too rough play (or showing aggression) isn't acceptable
& there are deterrent sprays (bitter apple, bitter yuck & the like) that gross stuff they're not supposed to chew (think furniture, electrical cords, shoes, etc) taste AWFUL & may help as does redirecting them towards more appropriate things to chew on when caught next to what they're not supposed to have(when I catch Tyger, my 1 yr old APBT, with a sock or something else resembling a plastic bottle that he's not supposed to have in his teeth, I take it absent, say "no" & give him a rawhide chewy) I'd also suggest conceivably a kong
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