My b***h's Temperature is 97.5 and she is pregnant, is she going to move about into labor?

Miniture Dachsund
Well here we have yet another backyard breeder who have risked their pet's health and life for no good common sense. Take your dog to the vet. Have you even had an ultrasound for the dog so you'll know how many puppies are supposed to come out?

If you're not a breeder, what in the world are you doing beside a pregnant dog. Never mind, I already know the answer to that question.

Can my dog get pregnant?
my toy dashchund is something like 2 yrs old and has been within her period for about 4 days now something like every day she has been on her extent i always find my male chihuahua has be doing it with her can she get pregnant? and how can i find out ?
* 8 months ago
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i want her to get pregnant !!;...

Dogs don't hold "periods". And you bred mutts? Since you're a backyard breeder and therefore don't have a breeding mentor, see your vet -- not strangers on the internet -- for guidance.

Oh, so this isn't your first time experimenting with living, breathing creatures for no upright reason? I bet your poor dog wishes she could tell YOU to * off and stop using her for a guinea pig.
If you've done this before why are you seeking advise on the internet? Had you done your research beforehand you would know the following:
1) the gestation length for a dog is normally 63 days from the first breeding.
2) once the temperature of a ** in whelp drops below 100 degree it's a 24 notice to prepare for the birth of the puppies.
3) if mama dog is struggling with assignment and its been 2 or more hours between puppies it is definitely time for your veterinarian to intervene.
4) your dog and pups should see the vet within 24 hours of distribution in order for dew claws to be removed from the pups, check for cleft palates, etc and for mom to enjoy an injection of oxytocin to be certain the uterus is clear in order to avoid pyo.

Just a have homes for these puppies before you bred the **, right? Because that's what a responsible person does for the well-being of the puppies. There should be homes looking for puppies.not puppies looking for homes.

Good luck beside the delivery and nuturing of the litter. You're taking the next 2-4 weeks off of work surrounded by order to make certain the ** and puppies hold everything they need, right? Yea.thought so.
thats about a regular temp for a dog, a little low actually
Once her heat is below regular temperature (101.5 to 102.5) and remains there, you can expect puppies in nearly 24 hours.
Answers:    A dog's temperature will drop within 24 hours of birth - so likely, yes! Keep your veterinarian's number handy contained by case you run into problems (hopefully not!). Good luck!
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