My boyfriend hate my dog, what do i do?

We got a puppy a week and a half ago. She is so far a very upright dog, she does not bark and has not had any accident in the house. But she is a puppy, so she runs around constantly and tries to lick us ect, puppy stuff. My boyfriend has declared that he hates the dog, she is incredibly annoying and wishes we have never gotten her. I said that she is just a puppy and she will be more calm in a few months, this is only just how puppies are (I have had dogs before he hasn't). What angers me the most is that 18 months ago we get a cat, and he was HORRIBLE!! By horrible I mean he attacked and bit and clawed at us every day. I give in that the dog is annoying but she doesn't make us bleed on a daily basis. Anyway, when I complained roughly speaking his cat, he told me that he would grow out of it and I had to be patient with him, and a year and a partly later he is much better. I know he wants me to take her spinal column, even though he won't say it and I don't know what to do.
tell him whether the dog goes i go
He's being a hypocrite. Cats do not "grow out of" hurting associates. They have to be trained to stop. Many dogs do grow out of the puppy stage though. Some dogs always stay high strung, but adjectives it takes is some exercise and they are fine. Hang on to your dog and tell him to practice what he preaches.
I will ALWAYS pick the dog over the guy. He's a jerk & if he loved you would a moment ago deal with it, my partner has to business with uncountable number of animals coming & going living with me.
get rid of the jerk, and keep the puppy. The puppy will other be there for you and love you no matter what. Can u say duplicate thing for the boyfriend?
Answers:    lol. I'm having the exact same problem.
Luckily my guy is a big softie and can only be annoyed at Buzz for 10 minutes, after which he's giving him kisses and cuddles again.
I know it's a affliction but just ignore your bloke, the pup will calm down a bit contained by a few months and with some training as well, he'll be a wonderful dog and one which your partner will love owning.

What they said and don't even think going on for having kids with this emotional infant.
Dogs give unconditional love, your boyfriend doesn't. Tell him "he" can outgrow his impatience beside the pup, or take his cat and go! Dogs are not a disposable item, and shame on him for wanting you to take it put money on.
I'm sorry but my answer is get a new boyfriend. He will never be as loyal to you as your little girl is.
Dump the guy hang on to the dog.
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