My chihuahua is historic her due date. No signs of labor AT ALL...?

I know it's a bad question. I was a short time ago wondering if there is a way I can relief her go into labro.. EX: Long walk, warm river, or milk. I don't know.

She's 100% pregnant. I took her to the vet, had Xrays. So far everything is going by the book. She was due on the 28th its now the 30th. I'm starting to verbs about the pups growing to big.
Call your vet and ask them if you should be worried nonetheless. They may want to do a check up and see if anything is wrong, or they may want to wait a couple more days. If its a chihuahua the puppies could be getting too big and might require a C-section. Chihuahuas often own pregnancy troubles. The vet has medications to give the mothers to induce labor.
Why are you being an unresponsible backyard breeder? Why do you want to bring more unwanted dogs into the world. Hey, didn't you think about the opportunity of medical problems during her pregnancy and whelping? Could cost you upwards of $2000.00 to $3000.00. Also has your dog had all of it's vigour clearances, hips, eyes, elbows, etc. And how about the sire, has he had alike? More pups being brought into this world by an unreputable BYB. Have your dogs earned their breed championships? Please capture your dog fixed after she whelps. Please do not be responsible for millions of dogs being euthanized each year because of people similar to you.

And NO< you can't help her go into labor. She's needs to see a vet. Unfortunately it's too slow to have her aborted.
Answers:    visual signs of labor normally start 24-48 hours formerly she starts whelping. and the due date is just an estimate really. unless it starts getting up to about a week "overdue" i would not worry to much. she will start when she is organized. the gestation period for a dog is 63-66 on average. i wouldn't worry too much yet. whether it get too far along, take her back to the vet. freshly start taking her rectal temperature 2 times a day. if it drops to approximately 101-100 degrees start expecting it in the next afternoon. also make sure temp doesn't spike a dogs average temp is around 103-104. that is a sign of stress and she is probably surrounded by labor but having major compilcations. if worse comes to worse, cart her to the vet.
Why the hell did you breed her? because you know you can get 'cheap' and easy money. you don't nouns like a breeder to me. because a reputable breeder would off 'RESEARCHED' this all OUT earlier they bred a dog, im sorry to sound so rude but do you actually know how masses DOGS and PUPPY'S and KITTENS and CATS die almost everyday in shelters because no one requirements them and there's to many.

i don't want to help you. but for your dogs sake, take her to the vet approaching asap, you have caused her un-necessary discomfort.
That is howcome there are c-sections. a dog goes into labor when it is her time. You cannot hurry this. Let her alone. Watch her, and be prepared to go to the vet.
i don't know really, but you requirement her to roam around and get a few exercise, and if she starts to scratch the ground that's a nouns.
Share that very valid concern beside vet.You may both decide she is best left (a) the clinic to be monitored 24/7 to assist with any problems.
Also maybe have an agreement that as soon as you do notice signs, that the vet is willing to be available on short mind.
During our last rescue, a gorgeous grey chi went into labor(pups way too big)We met after a long outing in a rural area-no vets on sunday within 100 miles.All pups died & mom could not be save.She went into labor early.
Any preparations you can arrange in finance will help.
chillax in attendance time will come plus baby chihuahuas are the size of new born rats so i dont think you enjoy to worry so much about them getting too big but if your that concerned consequently try a doctor and congrats.
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