her name is mia her stomach is pretty big and i have no idea when she is giving birth. im investigational at this i don't know what to do.. i watch a couple youtube videos and google searched i found zilch. im new i never had a dog that's pregnant. i also i go to university. and from the videos i see they need to have some assistance but i don't want to jump to school and have her give birth on her own.. i don't know what to do.. i also don't enjoy any money for a vet im screwed i need some major help here please anyone relate me what to doo. what do i need i need help im freaking out!!
take her to the vet..
Chihuahaus usually enjoy a lot of problems delivering a litter cause of their size and build. There is a especially good chance she may need a c-section to outlive the birth of puppies. Do you have ANY idea what dog bred her? The size matters closely.

And why was she never spayed and you allowed her to get pregnant? if she desires a c-section and you cannot pay for it, she and the puppies will die.
Call The vet .

Don't schedule an appointment.

just tell them your situation and next they will tell you the best way to go .
After the puppies are born, be certain to take her to get fixed. The humane society will spay/neuter for about $100, which is a ton cheaper than taking the dog to the vet because something happen to the dog or puppies during labor. In the meanwhile, pray, keep a close eye on her, and make sure she's comfortable and feed well.
Chill out.

Keep an eye on her, and get yourself a kiddie pool if you can find one, or a righteous sized box. Put in a towel or a couple of old pillowcases. If she has her pups while you are at college there's not much you can do, but let nature take its course.
If you are at domestic, this is what to do. Watch carefully when she goes into labor. Help to make certain each pup comes out, escapes the sac, and starts to breathe. If the pup is having problems rub its chest lightly next to a towel and make sure it's mouth is clear.
Dogs have be having pups for tens of thousands of years without our help.
DO sort sure to increase her food to puppy chow, not all at once if you haven't be feeding her puppy chow...mix 1/2 and 1/2 with the food you do give...NO MILK! they produce their own in need your help.and make sure to tolerate her eat as much as she wants, and lots of water.
How did she get bred and you didn't know it? Call your vet and ask for an appointment to let him see how far along he thinks she is. You can apply for Care Credit and wages over time.Your vet can explain the things you need to know that are more than you can read on this site.Good luck to your dog and I hope that you have her spayed so she doesn't have to move about through this again.
Woah, now how did this happen? Take her to a vet asap. Tell them that you are clean to this, they may give you very helpful direction. If you have financial problem, why own a dog in the first place? Anyways, be careful when trying to pass her. Also, to avoid unexpected pregnancies, spay your dog after she gives birth. It's healthier whether you spay her. Good luck!
Call a vet and see whether they can help anyway. Just because you 'can't afford' medical care for your dog, doesn't imply that you can just 'do it yourself'. Small dogs have a high rate of complications during transfer. Also, it would be best to have your dog fixed, so this doesn't happen again. Good luck.
Answers:    Ring your vet for proposal. These tiny dogs are prone to needing a CSection. If you are not prepared she may die trying to give birth.

To tell when she is approximately to give birth, get a thermometer and take her warmth, rectally. Normal Temp is 38c. It will drop a whole degree 24-48 hours before whelping. That will afford you a better idea of when to be around.

I would NOT leave this dog on it's own to whelp.
food and water, gross sure its comfortable. It happens all the time, dont verbs, you're not the only one =) Itll just happen, its not similar to theres alot you can do.
As long as you are not the father everything should be ok.
Borrow some money from a friend (just make SURE to foot it back so you don't get Judge Judy yelling at you XD) See a vet FOR SURE. Don't rely on youtube for animal backing, please! Best of luck
you see this is what happens when you dont spay your dog..You have need of to take time off of school when she looks resembling she is going to give birth incase she needs help because small dogs hold a higher rate of birth complications than other dogs.if she does have complications (ie. a pup get stuck in the birth canal) she will need to see a vet..and after she is all over and done next to her pups, if you really lover her you will have her spayed

lug it to the vet, and make sure it gets plenty of food and dampen.
What was she bred to? Another Chihuahua? She could go in to labor while you are gone. She might also be incompetent to deliver on her own, in that case a vet needs to do a c-section. You should own had her spayed. Call your vet and find out if it would be possible now. You don't want to loose your dog.
go check at a vet
walk into a vet clinic in ur neighbourhood.
Say "I enjoy zero money, i'm a student and
my dog is pregnant. help"
They might help you free.
can i ask why you haven't spayed her?
ably how many days has she been contained by gestation and yeah but umm do you go to collage or not if you maybe find a friend who could see her my dog did not need any asssistance
take it to a freakin vet! lool
First you should probably look more locally than on the internet. Someone that you can instinctively communicate with will help you a lot.

Do you know how long she's be that way? it's would really help if you know an aproxamite time of her due date.

Any kind of breeders would be good to talk to. Even nieghbors that own had dogs that have had puppies would be honourable.

If you can't afford a vet then I say you should probably start saving or tell to some close friends about your problem.

If you're worried about her going into labor while you're at school next see if you can find a friend you can rely on to check on her once or twice everyday that doesn't go to school or is domestic schooled.
Keep your cell on vibrate at school.

A lot of times whether you're dog does go into labor and you can't afford a vet then you can take her and you can communicate to your vet about a payment plan to pay stale the cost of helping her out. If you really care for your pet than it shouldn't really matter how much it costs as long as you can pay it sour.

Good luck.

EDIT: Also, It isn't exactly a good idea to permit her go into labor on her own. No matter what people notify you. "Dogs have been going into labor for hundreds of years" but Chihuahua have be bred to their size and helped very much to that way. Because of you're dogs small size at hand is a very high chance that she will have need of some serious help with her labor.

I'm sorry you can't afford a vet, but it is very impressive that she has someone skilled to help her. Especially if they are skilled near small breeds.
You need to find the money for a vet. YOU were irresponsible and verbs to be by not giving your dog vet care. What are you going to do when the puppies come (if they or your dog don't DIE)-they cost lots of money to feed and take watchfulness of. Take the dog to a shelter if you cannot afford a vet. She is better off. And don't get any more pets.
animals can do it on their own, just make sure some broadsheet is down.
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