My chihuahua puppy is individual 5 months but already 4.3 lbs?

Does this mean she may be bigger than 5.5 lbs? Do chihuahuas stop growing at 6 months or one year?
Did you buy the pup from a reputable breeder? Was there a guarantee on the pup? How big were the parents? Dogs aren't fully mature until they are two years hoary. If there was a contract and guarantee, you can return the pup to the breeder, get your money posterior and buy from someone other than a backyard breeder.
Wow some answerers on here dont own a clue. Ive been involved with Toy dogs dogs for a while showing at championship plane and judging . and on average puppies stop growing around 9/10 months old and a very small percentage dont grow at adjectives from 5 months . I would think your Chi will get to a max of 5.3lb so dont worry to much she is a HEALTHY size which is the most essential.
It all depends on the breeding of the dog. I work at a vet and have run into some chihuahuas that hold been 7-9 pounds (but not that often). I don't think she will be too big. Well I hope this helps!
She probably won't get much bigger. My small pomeranian was give or take a few 4 pounds when I got him(3 1/2 months) and by 5 months he was 5.5 lbs, and he hasn't got any bigger sense(7 months old)

Most immensely small dogs won't grow much after 4-5 months.

He probably won't get much bigger. Probably no bigger than 5.5 lbs.
Answers:    Well according to the weight chart she will be 5-5.5 lbs but I won't say 100% since I do not know her parents size and whether she has been following this weight right along. Here is a chart most chihuahua breeders use as guide:
They slow down at 6 months and stop around a year. The size depends adjectives on the breeding of the dog. My chi is 12 pounds!!
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