My Chiweenie is have seizure.?

She has had seizures her undamaged life, she is now 3 y/o. She is on prescribed phenobarb, and potassium bromide. With your experiences; do you believe she will live out a full life?
No one can answer that question, not even your vet.
<-----she's a dachsund/chi mix(sorry, antipathy the term chiweenie) and has had seizure since she was 18 months old. She's now 8, and although I hold seen some changes in her personality(more timid) after several long seizure over the years, Health wise, she's great.
Answers:    Get regular blood checks to engender sure her liver enzymes are okay, and there's no reason she shouldn't.

*edit* I assumed by your post that she is controlled with the meds?
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