My dog, a beagle, have a leg injury...?

My beagle, Tabitha, is 3 1/2 years old, and last year, she underwent a leg surgery. She pulled the ligament on her right hind leg until there was barely anything not here, and she had the surgery, and is now better...

The problem is that now she is limping on her other leg, her disappeared hind one- probably due to the fact that she depended solely on that leg to be able to walk while she be limping on the other...

My parents want to wait a month to see if she will heal, and whether she is still limping then, she will undergo another surgery. I want to have the surgery presently, but it is 2,000, and is out of the question.

She lays around now, and is gaining continue quickly (she was a little overweight back, but is getting back to normal- about 43 pounds), which is worrying me. She takes a pill to back her legs, but is there anything else I can do but wait?

There are pain medications your vet can prescribe for your dog until the surgery is done. What is your vet prescribing at this time?
I own to assume that a vet has diagnosed the problem and is recommending the surgeery. You did not provide an adequate description of the exact of the lameness or a diagnosis. Therefore I can't answer that. However in cases of internal knee ligament tears, surgery is the only fix and time simply makes it worse. DrW
Answers:    nothing whether you are already giving her meds, just make her comfortable and try to play with her inside.
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