My dog only ate a chicken wing bone?

a 8 month old boxer pup
Some of these answers cover your question.
Except the most important part.
You have need of to make sure it passes.
Keep checking his/her stool for the bone.
Um...use gloves.

Call your vet whether you see any blood spots.
Cooked or raw? If it is raw there shouldn't be be any issues although a wing is a bit small for a boxer. If cooked, again within should be no issues but do keep an eye on him just in covering.

Millions of dogs eat RAW bones including chicken every day with no unwell effects. There are nearly 16000 people (more than 50 000 dogs) on raw feeding forums who nurture this way with no bone problems. I have asked this interrogate many times on YA and I have never had anyone answer who have experienced problems with an appropriately sized raw bone. Bones just do not impose the problems that people carry on about.

Bones are digestible so you shouldn't be capable of see it in the poop. If it was cooked there may be some disappeared but I doubt it.
raw = should have little problem
cooked = see closely and things SHOULD be alright.

let this just be a lesson to you both that they don't know how to resist things we humans leave lay at their stratum :)

if you notice bloody poo, excessive panting, bloody vomit - call a vet.
Problem with chicken and turkey bones is they splinter easily. These splinters can wreak havoc beside a dog's innards if the animal hasn't eaten in a while. Give your dog a couple slices of bread to give a hand provide some insulation, make sure it's got plenty of marine too. Dog should be just fine.
Should be ok. Watch for signs that it may have gotten stuck somewhere in the plumbing.
hail as a vet and ask them just incase, you may need to bring him to get it out. i doubt it's an okay piece for him to have swallowed a bone if it was intact.
he should be fine dogs can eat chicken bones only just not turkey bones.
Just watch your pup for a few days see if it changes it behaviour or eating it should be fine
Answers:    Watch for bleeding (from either end)
Watch for gagging or trying to throw up.
Watch that the dog defecates as a rule
If the dog acts unusual at all, catch him to a vet.
Give your puppy alittle mineral grease it will help pass the bone & pray...
l feed my dogs raw chicken wings adjectives the time esp l want to get them To gain weight.It is full of calcium and helps verbs their teeth.If it was a cooked bone then just view your pet as they rarely get Stick and if it did you dog would be coughing it up so still down and relax your dog is not going to die.l cannot understand why in the States so many society opt for commercial food which is a big con.If you knew that canned food contained you would never touch it again.Healthy beef mince,meaty bones,raw chicken wing and necks are not that expensive and will give your dog TKE diet it needs plus for a while dry food depending on the age of your dog and preference.
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