My dog ate antifreeze what do i do?

my dog ate antifreeze what are the symptoms.we are taking him to the vet right now.he punctured the bottle we are not sure how much he consumed but he has not shown any symptoms he is surrounded by no pain that we can see if you have Information please answerer to my request for information. thank you
the vet have a antifreeze antidote at the emergency clinic.your local one will be open 24 hours. call now.
A pet does not have to drink a lot of antifreeze to be poisoned. Most brands of commercial antifreeze consist of 95 percent ethylene glycol, an extremely toxic chemical. Even a few licks of this sweet-tasting fluid can be fatal to a cat or dog. Antifreeze poisoning occurs in two stages: In the first stage, the ethylene glycol within the antifreeze causes a drunken appearance in the animal within almost 30 minutes which may continue for several hours. After passing through stage 1, the animal appears to recover. Stage 2 begin when the dog's liver begins metabolizing the ethylene glycol, changing it into more toxic substances. Within 12 to 36 hours of ingestion, these metabolites have reach such a level that the dog's kidneys stop functioning, and the animal slips into a coma.

Getting the dog to a veterinarian is critical within the first 9-12 hours following ingestion. After that length of time, the liver will have already begin metabolizing the ethylene glycol into substances that cause kidney failure and ultimately death. The faster your pet is treated by a veterinarian the better the likelihood of recovery. Again, this poison is extremely toxic.

VET you necessitate to go to vet they will pump his stomach

"What should be done immediately care for my pet. Should I induce vomiting or supply activated charcoal to my pet? These are very short term fixes and not a cure. The faster your pet is treated by a veterinarian the better the likelihood of recovery. Again, this poison is extremely toxic."

Another source of help is the National Poison Control Center, 8OO-548-2423. This call will cost $50. "
Simpily go to the vet:)

& the organs will shut down. not freeze. lol.
you are doing the right entry by taking it to the vet. the vet will give it something to make it throw up. they will take devout care of your dog. good luck. hope he gets better.

If you're taking him to the vet, leave it to them-- don't ask Yahoo! for help. :)

...and no, his organs aren't freezing-- he'll probably be fine.
Answers:    If he drank enuf of it, start digging the hole in the back courtyard.
As you probably know, antifreeze is impressively lethal. You are wise to RUSH your dog to the vet immediately.
His organs are slowly freezing. soon they will stop working.
Antifreeze will destroy an animal. That is one time you should definately take to 24 hr vet.
Get your *** to the vet right now!
It will kill your dog! ring the emergency vet immediately
Getting him to the vet is the prevalent thing so hurry, antifreeze may not cause pain contained by an animal before they die so hurry. The vet may be able to induce vomiting to save your pooch
Take it to the vet right absent and maybe they can help him
take your dog to the vet and take the evidence With you
GO TO VET my friends dog died from antifreeze poisoning!
the dog requirements to see the vet right away. The vet will be able to give the dog drugs to back keep it from killing him. Without a vet, the dog probably doesn't have a randomness of recovery.
To the VET ASAP, this will kill him

Vet is needed NOW. Dog will vomit, deed drunk, drink excessive amounts of water. The true damage is within 2 days to the kidneys, which gone untreated as soon as possible will lead to death. Do not delay taking the dog to the emergency vet.
Speed to the vet!
vet asap
You are doing the right thing by bringing him to the vet. My friends had a beagle who get into it and it messed up his entire nervous system, he couldn't walk or even stand on his own, it was so upsetting, and I love animals. They didn't bother to nick the dog to Vet. That really is the best thing you can do. Good luck and I hope he's alright.
call the VET rite presently!! what r u doing on here!
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