My dog ate cooked onions?

she got into a lot of cookied onions and i am freeked out that she is going to DIE!
She may well vomit but apart from that she should be fine. My dog stole a untreated one & nibbles on it once..she was fine :-))
Dogs develop hemolytic anemia if they drink enough onions. I don't think that it matters too much whether the onions are cooked or not. The total of onions required is high enough that dogs can generally tolerate small doses of onions lacking any problem and moderate amounts of onion without clinically apparent disease, even though there may be measurable change on lab test results. Cats are probably a little more sensitive to onion toxicity than dogs are. I can't find an exact quantity of onions required to effect toxicity problems in dogs, but there are several case reports of onion toxicity and they involve total onions or sizable portions of chopped onions (like a cup or more). I think that feeding dogs meat that has be cooked with onions is pretty safe but you might want to avoid giving them the broth from around something like pot-roast whether there were a lot of onions used within the cooking, just to be safe.

Large amounts of garlic will produce similar toxicity problems in both dogs and cats. I believe that the amount required is not likely to be eaten by a cat but there are probably a few dogs who would knees up a container of spilled garlic.

Among common foods, the only other significant toxicity that I can regard of are recent reports of toxicity from eating grapes and raisins that have been reported contained by dogs.

Mike Richards, DVM

I've never heard of a dog getting deathly ill from eating onions...but simply to be safe, cal your vet! You can tell them what has happen and they can tell you whether or not it is serious enough to bring it in. I'm certain she won't die, just make sure you carry her adequate care.
chill the f*ck out.

dogs dont die from onions.

shes jus gunna enjoy some stank breath.
Call a vet. Often, you can give hydrogen peroxide to get the dog to puke. Depending on the size of your dog and the amount of onion, this is an emergency.
CALL THE VET! They can tell you whether you should be monitoring or if you should bring the dog in.

I am not sure how serious this is. They are toxic, but depending on the size of the dog she may own not had enough to get sick. Do not induce vomiting unless the vet tell you to!!
Call an emergency vet (duh), get off the computer and nick care of your dog
Answers:    If it's been surrounded by the last 40 minutes, give her some hydrogen peroxide. It will cause her to vomit. 1-2 tsp. for a small dog, 1-2Tbsp. for a larger dog.
If it's be more than 40 mins, making her vomit won't do much good.
In either case, ring up your vet and tell her how much the dog ate, dog's weight, etc. They will tell you any to bring her in, or any signs of trouble to watch for. In most cases eating some onions will singular cause some digestive upset. But in very life-size amounts, it could be dangerous so you really need to at least speak next to the vet about what to do next.
It could be serious so i'd take him to the vets
you may want to take her to the vet ASAP just to be certain she will be ok.
Take to the vet right away!!
watch her for signs of distress. some dogs are not affected by it- if she seem to have trouble getting around or will not eat/drink then call the vet. She will plausible have diarrhea or vomit, but that's good because it means that her system is purging. whether you don' t notice anything in the next four or five hours, you're within the clear.
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