My dog constantly lick his butt - why?

This is a small bichon and he licks his skin a lot too but the *** licking is really getting on my nerves. Should I ask the vet?
yes ask the vet. he could have allergies or he could have parasites or his anal glands may stipulation to be expressed.
does he drag his butt across the carpet too? It's probably those pesky anal glands that need to be can do it at domestic yourself. put on a rubber glove and lube it up with some KY and squeeze around his little anus and inside. That should take care of it. I'm probably going to win a lot of "thumbs down" for this but oh well. it worked for my dogs.
Ask the vet.
Dogs don't constantly lick their butt for no reason- unless they've be raised that way or so.
Take 'em to the vet. There's something wrong with him - it could stingy that it irritates/hurts him down below.
Have you ever noticed scooting? It could be that he wishes his anal glands expressed. You will need to take him to the vet to have that done. Unless you know what you are doing, the anal glands can be ruptured.
"My dog constantly licks his butt - why?"

He doesn't like your cooking.
Answers:    Yes, you should. Most likely entity is he needs his anal glands expressed. They are very uncomfortable when they become impacted and first sign of this is dog licking or biting anywhere round put a bet on end.

Two reason come to mind. Worms or impacted anal glands. Either way your dog needs a vet look in.
Yes ask your vet. Maybe he has an allergy or his anal glands are full or infected.
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