My dog going blind what to do?

I saw my dog running into things,looked into his eyes and notice he has cataracts, what can i do?do vet removing them?how much does it cost?all answer would be appreciated.thanks.
You don't hold to put him down. you can't fix it either. Just make sure he's within your sight. He'll cope with his sense of smell.
They can be removed, it isn't cheap. But one cause of cataracts in dogs is diabetes, whether your dog is eating drinking and urinating more often that could be a sign of more serious illness and you involve to see your vet. If your dog is simply not seeing as well, you can go to a Veterinary ophthalmologist or just live near it. One thing you should remember if your dog it totally blind is to not rearrange your furniture. They build a map within their heads and then when you move stuff they run into it more.
Talk to your vet but dogs, once they get accustomed to it do much better than we do when they lose their verbs.

What you're seeing may or may not actually be cataracts, so please call your vet and variety an appointment.
To be sure that there are no other underying problems, it would be best to have your vet pilfer a look at him.

Dogs generally cope very well indeed beside loss of vision. Many owners have no idea that their dog is blind until they tweaking their car or rearrange the furniture.
Answers:    You can comfort him, he can still hear

blemish k
I don't know about the vet part, but I had a blind dog. If he is blind, try not to move your furniture thoroughly often because he will get used to it after a couple of weeks. I would take them to the vet though!

Well the vets can remoce them but it is incredibly old is your dog?? my dog is 11 or 12 and she is getting cataracts too but the vet says the develop terrifically very slowly and by the time she is totally blind she probly wont live very long after that make me feel horrible but there is nothing i can do we cant grasp them removed it is too expensive :'(
You can see an canine opthalmologist. Have your regular vet refer you to one. It's pretty expensive, tho. I spent $1200.00 on my cat that had an eye ulcer.
you cant fix that. whether they start running in to things it'd prolly be best to put it down. :-( thats what my dad did to our dog

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