My dog have a red bump on his leg?

His name is Simba and he is 10 years old, he is full bred collie. About 2 days ago we noticed he be limping. When we checked it out we noticed a red bump all the way down on his leg nearly on the back of his paw. It's red and when I push on it, it turns white like theres puss in it. I tried to upload some pictures but neither of the two cameras i own could seem to take a good picture of it up close. Thanks for any lend a hand. I kind of allready think it's a bug bite but I just waneted some other opinion. Thanks.
One time my dog had some sort of lump like you are describing. It wasn't a bug bite because it remained for a month or so. We took her to the vet and he took it stale her leg for us. He said it was some form of growth like a tumor.
Ya I would most certainly filch him to the vet, it could be a black widow bite which being that he's a bigger dog and is older the poison won't move as quickly. You can bestow him 1 tablet of adult benedryl and see if that reduces the reddishness. A benedryl can also save him if there's poison or he's allergic to the bug or plant or whatever he come in contact with.
But the vet will do tests and dispense him proper medication to treat whatever it is.
Good Luck, hope he's ok.
Don't run any chances, take him to the Vet. Antibiotics may be all you want.
take it to the vet earlier it gets worse or it gets infected
if it is burst or cut
Answers:    Its kind of hard to see the lump through the pictures. It really could be a number of things. My dog have a red lump, the vet said not to worry about it. About a month later he must hold scratched it and it wouldn't stop bleeding. I took him to the Vet again, I payed the $1000 to get the lump removed ( it would have been 650 but my Vet couldn't take to it until a week later and I couldn't leave my dog at home bleeding, and every time I bandaged it he would rip it stale as soon as I wasn't looking, so I had to take him to the Emergency Vet. so I didn't have to pilfer more days off of work waiting) anyways it turned out it was cancerous. A lump that is on the snout, stomach, legs (areas with less hair on them) are more exposed to sun street lamp, there for increases the chances of cancerous growths, especially on desk light haired dogs (my dog is all white) bottom line this could be nothing but its much better to be risk-free than sorry. Your doing the right thing by taking the dog to the Vet and really thats all you can do. Good Luck, I hope its something dumb.
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