My dog have small white worms coming out of his butt?

He does not have diarrehea but he tried to wipe his butt on the floor. What should I give him and what should I do?
Thats Tapeworms you need to pick up a tapeworm tablet to give to your dog
Chances are your dog have been infected with some sort of parasite, Unfortunatelyy, there are frequent different kinds that will infect your dog, and if you or another person/animal comes in contact next to their feces it could infect the too the best thing to do is to get your dog to Vet immediately, These worms will eventually create your dog to be sick and possibly die, You as well may become infected or any other animals in your house.
Take a stool sample to the Vet. Don't waste your money on a de-wormer that you can buy at the drugstore or grocery store. The Vet will hand over you the proper de-wormer to use. If it is tapeworm, the dog will more thank likely have to be treated for fleas, as well.
take a stool sample to your vet.

Scooting may be a sign of impacted or infected anal glands, or an irritated colon too.

The vet can prescribe a proper wormer.
You should hail as your vet ASAP. Either he will have you bring your dog in or request a sample of his stool so he can prescribe the appropriate medication.

Do NOT use over the counter drugs. They do NOT work.
take him to the vet..his glands need to be emptied
Your dog needs to be dewormed. Call your vet and they will any have you bring your dog in or tell you what drug to get.
whether they look like little rice then it sounds like pin worms...dogs can gain them from food they eat,poop and even can get some med. from vet. that will get rid of them. Also whether the dog has fleas get a good flea med.
Call your vet and ask him/her. This is not something to be asking on a forum.
Answers:    The little white worms you see are tapeworms segments. Tapeworm is generally diagnosed by the owner seeing the worms. (The eggs are shed only periodically, so often a stool sample run through the lab will come rear negative when there are indeed tapeworms present!) Part of the tapeworm cycle is through the flea, so you dog has be exposed to fleas. Call your vet. What we call "scooching" on the floor may be due to the worms, but dogs have anal sacs that release a (nasty stinky) goo to supply lubrication when the dog has a bowel movement. Sometimes these become blocked and it itches. Your vet or vet tech can empty them for you if this is the problem.
most any stores deal in a pet wormer
Go to a vet and ask to buy a wormer pill. (around 10 dollars)
They will just have need of to know your dogs weight. You have seen worms so a stool taste shouldn't be necessary.
If you buy a wormer from the store it won't kill all types simply some types of worms. (you may think oh its cheaper but you will need to buy more and do it more frequently so you will not save money anyway)
Get it quickly because worms can kill your dog.
embezzle him to the vet pronto!
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