My dog hurt her leg and I don't really know what to do...?

My dog Sasha hurt her leg I think from jumping on and off the subsidise porch. Its about 3-4 Feet high. She can barely step on it and I think its either disloacted or broke. She's been lay in the same spot on my bedroom floor since 7:00 and its 9:10 now. s here anything I can do to make her feel better until I take her to the vet? She's close to family and its hard seeing her look so pitiful...:'(
i would take her to the vet asap, only just like you would go if it be you who had been hurt. although, if you are similar to me and dont have the money, call them up, explain the situation tell them nearly your money issues, and ask if you can either pay it past its sell-by date when you have the money, or over time, if they say no, try another vet, and hold trying, eventually you will find one, if not, just pat her, tell her you love her, and maintain showing her you love her, and making her feel happy and comfortable
I think you know exactly what you obligation to do, but if you insist on making her suffer through the night, call a local vet a see whether they will recommend something to make her feel a little better. It is outstandingly unlikely that they give out medical advice over the phone without have examined the dog, but please don't risk your dog's life by taking recommendations from Yahoo.
you can take her to the emergency vet now just so it doesn't effect her within the future. my dad waited to fix his dogs leg and now it is crooked. so jump now!


I hope shes ok since her owner is a MORON.

Think about it this instrument, if your parents let you lay there from 7 to 9 when you broke your *** leg. What the hell are you waiting for DAWN?
Answers:    dont listen to them especially not ic14u shes apparently a b* and a moron herself. i uderstand where on earth your coming from times is hard now a days. you could give the dog some babe aspirin and wrap her in a blanket or something just make her have a feeling comfortable until you take her.
have you tried calling an e-vet? you can check her leg by gently rubbing your paw up and down it, if she flinches stop. give her baby tylenol and christen the vet first thing, no don't call be there when they expand.
Until you pilfer her to the vet?? If it was my dog I would BE at the vet now!! Why would you make your dog dawdle?? She's obviously in pain! There are emergency vet for a reason.

Take your dog to the vet... NOW!!

poor dog...
what is wrong with you?! call the emergency vet and procure her some help! yould you want to wait around with a broken or dislocated leg for 12 hours? i dont ruminate so
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