My dog is acting strange, any experience please?

Our dog is a chinese pug named Asia. About 30 minutes ago she began acting very outlandish. She began to gag like she was going to vomit, but instead of vomiting begin to shake then fell straight forward onto her face. After a second or two she get up and I noticed she had urinated on herself. She has done this once since minus urinating on herself. She also get very stiff before falling on her face. She act as if she feels sick at her stomache but she never actually vomited. She also will not drink any hose. Please help all vets are closed and here are no emergency animal hospitals within 50 miles.
Sounds like seizure to me, because of the stiffening.
I would call the emergency hospital and talk to an expert there.

I did find this checklist whether you choose to take her in:

It is helpful whether you, the owner, can give your veterinarian answers to the following questions:

* What does your pet look like when he is have seizures?
* What is the duration of each seizure and how normally do they occur?
* Are there signs that only appear on one side of your pet (is one side worse than the other)?
* Has your pet have a high fever?
* Has your pet been exposed to any toxins?
* Has your pet experienced any trauma just this minute or years ago?
* Is your pet current on vaccinations?
* Has your pet been recently boarded or next to other dogs?
* Has your pet had any other signs of illness?
* Has your pet been running loose surrounded by the last several weeks?
* What and when does your pet eat?
* Has your pet had any behavior change?
* Do the seizures occur in a cut-out related to exercise, eating, sleeping, or certain activities?
* Does your pet show different signs right beforehand or right after the seizures?

Even if near are no emergency clinics you can get to right away, I would still call an animal hospital and gossip to a professional about it. You don't want to put your dog's health in the hand of random internet users who have no idea what they're chitchat about.
I have no experience with this, but freshly from the shaking, falling over, and urinating it sounds like a seizure. Or maybe she ate something insecure.

Whatever happened, talk to a vet clinic RIGHT AWAY.
Sounds like a seizure but it could also be other things. I think you should gain her to a vet as soon as possible tomorrow.

Yeah it sounds like epilepsy. If it is epilepsy, a moment ago keep watch over her until you can get her to a vet ,which is soon I hope. She will attain anti-seizure meds.

call a clinic, even whether it is in a different state. Take the dogs temp and tell the clinic what it is. I think mundane is around 105 but not sure. I also think it sounds like a spasm, but it could be alot of other things. Shock will also make a dog shake. Take her to a vet ASAP. I hope all turns out O.K. :)
I live 30 miles from the nearest emergency place, and if that happened to my dog, I assure you we would be there contained by 20 minutes.
Answers:    the dog is tired of people's bullshiit...its normal
it sounds like ur pup has seizures or a respiratory problem but the shaking sounds resembling a seizure id wait til one open in the morning
I sounds like a seizure to me. You need to bear her to the vet.
Keep a video camera handy and see if you can capture it on video to show the vet exactly what happen.
we want more dog lover like you! i hope she gets better soon~~~
sounds like itts possessed.
or having zeasures.
ask the dog whisperer.he would know.
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