My dog is constantly flapping his ears?

He goes through periods where he's flapping every 30 second and it goes on for several minutes and then he stops. What's up with that?
time for a vet check.. he may have an ear infection or mites.
His ears itch, and it may be due to an infection. Get him to the vet. I am guessing this is a floppy-eared dog (hound-type). Floppy-eared dogs do not get enough air circulation into their ears and are prone to itchiness, infections, and discouraging odors.
You need to call in a vet because whats going on is not serious yet. But if you let it budge on it can become serious. Best of luck!
Obviously his ears are bothering him so pocket him to the vet. He might have an infection or fleas or mites in his ears.
Answers:    could be mites infection or a craving.if this goes on you need to attain to a vet.
Infection or mites. Take your dog to the vet. He is suffering.
Ear infection it sounds like.
Go to the vet.
Tea tree oil drop should help.
That's what we used for my dog,
Put close to 1-2 drops in each ear twice a day.
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