My dog is whimper, rubbing his butt on the floor, and rubs his antenna near his paw. Is this adjectives one problem?

I have a (standard) American Eskimo Dog, 9 months old, and we got him only last weekend, and he was very excited when we get him home. Today, his excitement hasn't changed, but he was rubbing his butt against the floor, and rubbing his nose beside his paws, along with the occasional whimpering. Right very soon, he is sleeping, but he was sneezing a couple times. He doesn't bark, he's had adjectives his shots, he's been "fixed", and he is currently licensed in the city we got him from. Is this adjectives one problem, or is this multiple? Do we need to take him to a vet? Is this serious?
I haven't had any problems near my american eskimo dog.
Could be a couple different problems. Rubbing his butt on the floor could be caused by a couple of different things such as: Anal glans need expressing, or a case of worms. Does he have diarrhea? that could cause it too. The trunk could be an allergy, cold or worse case is he has something stuck in his snout from exploring outside. If he was mine I'd visit my local vet. Also whether you got him from a breeder call the breeder and explain what is going on with the dog. They may hold some advice.

Hope this helps.
Answers:    Rubbing his butt on the floor is a sign of worms or anal glands, if he's be wormed then it will probably be his anal glands that need expressing. They have two glands, one any side of the anus, if your dog has diarrhoea or soft poo then their isn't adequate pressure on the glands to make them release their marking fluid, it builds up and causes misery and irritation, you need to see the vet, he will insert his finger in his bottom and squeeze them to release all the fluid, whether they are infected he will need antibiotics.
Rubbing his nose and sneezing is an indication that he has something lodged up his proboscis, it could be a blade of grass or a grass seed, it can also be caused if he is within a dusty atmosphere or if you've been spraying any aerosols.
lt would be best to transport a trip to the vets and get him checked.
I would recommend a vet check. The fact that he's rubbing his butt on the floor indicates that he has a gland problem or he have worms. While you're there, you can ask about your other worries.
Sounds like a food allergy.

You've only have him a week- did you keep him on the same food he was when he be at the shelter/place before? Sometimes an abrupt switch of food can cause a unpromising reaction, and the dog can be allergic to the food.

Switch to a corn free diet (Maxximum, Innova, Nutro Natural, etc) and see if his behaviors change. I would propose a vet visit as well to make certain its not another type of allergy.

Keep an eye on his face scratching. When I first found out that one of my dogs was food allergic he gouge his muzzle open with his dew claw from all of the scratch and itching.
Could be anything from allergies to needing his anal glands expressed, your best bet is the vet.
Yep, when in doubt lift him to the vet. It could be the anal gland but he seems young for needing that and he could own allergies But since he is whining I would sure take him to the vet because you are taking preventive measures to keep anything from getting worse that road.
Hope he's feeling better soon.
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