My dog keep dry heaving but not throwing up. what do i do?

He is an 8 month old bulldog who seems to destroy adjectives of his toys. I haven't lately eat anything but that doesn't mean he hasn't either. He is a big cry little one and we do crate him during the work day with his brother. So as far as him crying in the pen, Im sure he does. Please any info will be appreciated!
Get to a vet right absent! Non-productive wretching like you describe can be a symptom of bloat which is deadly and can kill a dog within less than an hour.
In the pet stores you may want to check a place called Booth Feeds, or Southern States. There is a product made by DOC Ackerman's called Herbal Remedies-Appetite Formula-it's Veterinarian Recommended.
Also if you nurture him chicken bones, or table scraps, check to see if it could still be hung in his throat. Also check for furballs, it may nouns silly-a dog.furballs. Bulldogs shed alot and sometimes they can "heave" on their fur too. If all else fails..
Have him checked for heartworms.
Bulldogs also need alot of exercise because their breathing passageways are small-this is mundane in their breed. But exercise is good for us all-so why not enjoy it next to a four legged family member.

Get well puppy!!
Answers:    Your dog sounds like it's possible he swallowed a hard piece of one of his toys and it have possibly gotten lodged somewhere in his digestive track. If you have experience with dogs, thoughtfully palpitate his stomach and see if he reacts like he is contained by pain. Is he eating and drinking alright? Is he urinating and defecating regularly?

If the vomiting persists for a few days and he is not ingestion or drinking regularly, take him to the vet for a check-up. Make sure you can rule out a toxin in the blood stream (this is smaller amount expensive than you think) and have the vet also palpitate his stomach to check for discomfort. These ruled out, you might end up with an abdominal x-ray to check for said blockage - this is adjectives in dogs that shred things.

Another possibility would be something like only just being dehydrated or something more severe like inflammatory bowel disease. Don't madness, please, these are options! Right now I'm not hearing anything serious from you and I'm not worried too much.

Make him drink plenty of hose down. If he keeps vomiting, that's when the vet is going to need to come into play.

NOTE: Another answerer mentioned bloat. This is a serious condition, and vomiting CAN be a sign, but so is the dog being drastically lethargic and his stomach being severely distended with gas. Another sign of bloat is unbelievably, very cold ears because the gas is slowly cutting off circulation to critical organs. You haven't mentioned any of that, so I think we can safely rule out canine bloat.

EDIT: Coughing and gagging sounds similar to kennel cough, something like the cold in humans that is smoothly passed dog to dog. Watch his brother for similar symptoms and see if the coughing doesn't just go absent on its own.
Sounds like her has eat something he shouldn't. A quick conversation with the vet or visit will sort this out.
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