My dog keep stretching? dog experts looks.?

I dont know what is wrong with my dog, but he keeps stretching, I mean every minute and even 30 second he would get up and stretch. Even if we go for a woke he stops and stretches twice. Is in that something wrong with his body? sometimes if I scratch his lower rib he make a low grunt and starts scratching. He is a bit over weight, and is making me nervous. Thank you.
it just feels good to them!
stop feed him so much! he probly feels bloated.
he could be deprived of his sleep and is just really tired. or sometimes as dogs get older their joint get stiffer and sometimes a change in to a better food help, maybe try Science Diet brand, if im wrong then bring him to the vet, Hope he feels better
Answers:    He have something going on with his GI tract. It could be something as simple as a stomach ache/gas or as serious as bloat, which is deadly.

Please contact your vet.

*Some symptoms of bloat may be anxiety, evidence of abdominal fullness after meals, robust salivating, whining, pacing, getting up and lying down, stretching, looking at abdomen, unproductive attempts to vomit, labored breathing, disinterest in food, and stilted gait. Severe symptoms, such as poorly lit red, blue, grey or white gums, a rapid heartbeat and a weak pulse are normally followed by prostration and passing.
yoga dog
dogs stretch, big deal. i do to during the night. muscles find tight, gotta move em' around. oh and it feels good to him. i could be mean but i won't. citizens like you and your dumbass questions get to me. use adjectives sense.
No question is too dumb. Ask whatever you want. That's what this forum is for.
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