My dog Swallowed a Magnet, what do I do?

My dog is a one-year old, 75 lb Golden Retriever - still some puppy in him. About an hour ago, he stole a magnet from my little sister. The magnet was one of two that you throw together, and they put together a clacking noise - oval shaped, about 1 1/2" long and 3/4" wide . I get him and searched in his mouth for the magnet, but he appeared to have swallowed it. We induced vomiting next to Hydrogen Peroxide (a previous recommendation from our vet) but we didn't find the magnet. I'm certainly hoping that I be wrong, and he didn't swallow it, but if he did, and he didn't regurgitate it, what should I do?
One of my dogs swallows ear plugs all time. They come out equal way they went in. She is a full-size breed dog, so therefore her intestines are larger. Watch her stools. If she does not pass it, she will need to dance to the vet. That means it is lodged.
Please get him to the vet ASAP.
Magnets, particularly those ones, can KILL dogs.
Please for your dog, get him to the vet now!
If you don't believe me then please at least possible call your vet RIGHT NOW and see what they say.
Good luck and I hope your dog is okay!

bring him to the vet
If he were my dog, I would take him contained by to the vet and have an x-ray done just to be on the safe side. I would ponder that a magnet isn't something you would want in your dogs stomach.
Answers:    If you think he seriously swallowed it, you can go to the vet and own an xray done. The magnet will show up in an xray if he did swallow it.

I would say only monitor his behavior closely and if you see any unusual change to contact the Vet straight away since there is a chance it could cause a blockage of some sort.

There is a fortune that if he did swallow it, he will just poop it out but its always well-mannered to take any precautions just in covering. If it is swallowed and causes a blockage, it will require surgery but I hope for yours and your dogs sake that that won't happen
keep checking when he gos to the bathroom to see if it passed.
Get him into your vet ASAP. This can be big trouble!

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