My dog won't consent to me cut her nail. what should I do?

My 2 year old minpin mix will not let me clip her nails. I try to build the experience as calm as I possibly can but she wiggles and jerks absent from me before I can do a single nail. I tried taking her to a groomer but that didn't work either. She used to tolerate me clip her nails when she was younger so I don't understand why she fight me so much now. I'm tired of getting scratched up. Plus, long nails can be uncomfortable for her too. I don't know what to do.
Find a groomer that actually knows what they're doing.

Failing that, enjoy them done at the vets.
Start petting/rubbing/massaging your dogs paws for short period of times throughout the day.

Most dogs are not comfortable with people touching their paw, tails and mouths. So, if you start rubbing her paws, she will carry used to her paws being touched and you should be able to cut her nail.

I always have done this for my dogs (rubbing paws, mouth and tails) and also putting my appendage in their food bowls while eating. This way, they are used to it. Sounds chance but a lot of dog bites are dogs biting children while they pull their tails or poke at their face. My dogs just lay there calmly while I cut their nail.

Good luck with the nail clipping. :o)
when we went to the vet they couldnt cut owr dogs nails any shorted because he would move so much. So they told us to file his names. At first her tryed consumption the nail file but now (His such a homosexual dog) he just sites like a human and waits for us to fle his nail. xxxx
Dremel or pedipaws (as they are almost the same)
I like to only dremel as you can acquire closer to the quick with out cutting them and drawing blood, For small dogs the cordless ones work great but the corded dremels are faster.
I hope this Video help and I will be posting more of shera's progress. as well as other dogs I trim.

Keep your dog on a leash and when she starts to squirm and struggle take a breath keep relaxed let her have her tantrum with out letting walk of the paw wait a few seconds as she will realize you are not giving up and she will stop struggling.

Now you have to realize the dog contained by the video is 6 years old and has bitten even vets that hold tried to trim her toe nails and she has only certain struggling to get her toenails done. The next step was to hold her sedated for her toe nails and this is something I refuse to do.
Have someone else hold her and give her her favorite treat. I use peanut butter for squirmers because it take them so long to eat it. Then clip them while she is distracted. If you are careful not to move her legs much, she might not even notice.

Also, whether you take her for walks on pavement every couple of days, it will naturally report them down so you don't have to clip except for the dew claws.
Take her to the vet and they can trim her nails.can Some dogs a moment ago get anxious over things such as clipping nails. I had a dog who would not consent to me clip her nails and I ended up taking her to the vet. They can have a being hold her while the vet trims them or she may need to be given a little something to sedate or relax her surrounded by order to do it. Good luck. Hope I helped.
Answers:    If its really as unpromising as you say it is, I suggest going to the vet and having the vet sober your dog so they can professionally clip your pets nails.

It costs about $30 with my vet to hold the dog sedated and all nails trimmed, but its much easier on all party involved.

Your dog gets stressed because you're stressing out at what she might do, plus having someone hold and contort your feet is frightening to some dogs. I enjoy to straddle one of mine and trim them by surprise to get the job done.
the newest entry for pets that they are selling is called peticure. i got one and it works really well. or whether you don't want to go that way you could have someone hold her down while you are trimming. also i would supply her a little piece of a treat after every nail she lets you trim. after when it becomes easier you could give her one treat after every paw.
I can't believe that you guys just tolerate your dogs wiggle and get away from you. When my dog's nail get done, I am calm, and I never say anything but praises. I lay them down contained by my lap, on their backs. Yes, even the aussie. I take the paw and clip. (I actually use a dremel now, but clipping works fine too) If the dogs struggle or try to get up, I do not *ever* permit go of the paw I am working on. If it gets contorted and twisted, so be it. I put down the clippers, and turn the dog back over on my knees, again, never letting go of the paw I was working on. Then I go put a bet on to it.

My dogs have learned that it is best for all involved whether they just chill out and enjoy the attention.

Your dog is wiggling and jerk, not because she is scared or hurt, but because she can. She is uncomfortable, and now she have learned that a struggle means that she gets her own passageway, and she gets out of the nail trimming.
She remembers how it hurt the last time. Get that new thing on the open market that files them down. OR, find another groomer who knows what they are doing. I walk my dog on the sidewalk and it files the nails down instinctively.
You need to cover her eyes first... Then lay her ontop of a towel next to her legs collapsed under her wrap her tightly with the towel so she cannot get out of it while you're holding her(her paw should be sticking out of the towel rt under her mouth... Do her front nails as quick as possible. She won't be capable of pull away and struggle because her legs are collapsed.The back ones are for a moment harder . do the same thing except you put your undamaged hand around her knee cap. Extend her leg completely... put a firm grip around the full leg so she can't bend her knee... Clip the toes upside down with the pad facing up. You may enjoy someone hold her while you do this. Good luck.
Have someone hold her while you clip her nails.
You should probablky get someone to do it for you if you cut too deep you can cut the capillary.
Use a Dremel.
try getting someone to hold her down while you do it. She will skwirm and cry but its gotta be done. Just make certain you dont go to low. That is probably what happened in times gone by. Someone cut them to short and it hurt her so now she is afraid. If you do it without hurting her, the process will get easier. A second resort is the Vet. they will give her some kind of dog downer and cut them while she is real unruffled. Prob costs a lot tho. Best thing is to hold her down and force it. She will forgive you.
She can sense any nervousness that you hold. If you are thinking "don't cut a nail and make her bleed" or something similar, she can feel it. Go into the project thinking that you can do it and that you're going to do this right immediately, no matter how much she squirms. She will also remember any time you clipped her nail too short in yesteryear and be more reluctant to sit still.

Let her smell the nail clippers first, get used to them, and then touch them to her nail. Keep treats with you, and every time she lets you hit them on her without flinching she gets a treat. When you go to clip the nail, get a sturdy grip on her, or have someone help you hold her tight and single clip a few nails, then give her a break for a couple of minutes (with treats for person good). When she fights, tell her "no" or "uhuh" and keep going once she's calmed down. If found it best to hold on to the dogs leashed and sit them up in my lap with their fund to my chest, and while wrapping the leash around my hand and trapping them with their leash and my hand contained by a bear hug, I can get a better look at their nails and they hold a harder time wiggling out of my vice grip.

They have the nail dremmels, that are a powered pin file, but the noise might scare her. You would folder the nails down, and it lets you get closer to the quik (the blood within her nail). But, you have to be careful because you can still hurt her if you acquire too close to it. The cool thing about the dremmels is that it doesn't leave the sharp clipped crest that the clippers do, and you don't have to aim as well as if you be cutting her nails with the guillotine style fastener clippers.

Most experienced groomers can handle even the most unruly dog, and your vet could put her under to clip them too: I would look into a new groomer? Long walk on hard surfaces will help naturally wear down nail, but as Min Pins tend to prance, it doesn't help a whole lot.
try that new pet nail folder thing, or a new groomer
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