My dog's breath smells resembling something motionless. What's wrong?

his teeth are probably decaying...

dogs need to have their teeth cleaned like humans do
Poor quality food, discouraging teeth, stomach problems. Any of those can cause bad breath.
Has you dog had moral dental care? Maybe the dog needs a vet to clean it's teeth, check it's stomach. As for the food whether it has corn, wheat and any kind of animal by products it is poor quality. Wellness, Merrick & Innova are three of the best ones out within.
Well, my dog smells like butt on both ends.

Considering the whole licking her butt article, it kinda makes sense.

Brush your dog's teeth, give it some milk-bones.

Not that it'll last...but it help.
Could be tooth rust or gum disease. DO NOT brush with a tooth brush (bristles can get stuck in gums cause infection) use a wash cloth over your finger untill you get to the vet or groomersfor a proper cleaning.
the vet will do a MUCH better job
umm..he's a dog..duh..

you expect it to smell like a freshly picked bouquet of roses?
How outdated is your dog? If still a puppy, you are suffering from puppy breath. I does eventually go away. If your dog is not a puppy, I suggest brushing the teeth, or taking him to the vet for a tooth cleaning.
could be discouraging teeth. And some dogs eat their or others poop(YUCK), but it happens. check the teeth if they are unpromising, will need to go to a veterinarian to be cleaned and then brush them and hand over them a good chew bone to keep them that way.
My dog had that when he had gum disease. You should ask a vet or something what is wrong and whether there is anything you can do to stop it from smelling so much.
Schedule a teeth cleaning appointment with your vet. There is obviously a problem whether it's that bad.
Your pet may be having some dental problems. Consult a vet and see what they suggest; they may suggest making change in your dog's diet or brushing your pet's teeth.
Has he/she have a dental cleaning anytime lately? Sometimes it's buildup on bad teeth. Other times it's just doggie breath. They do make a spray specifically like a mouthwash for dogs at PetSmart.
Brush your dogs teeth.

Give your dog a bone once a week.
yeah, its called not brushing teeth.

it could be something worse,
but honestly, theres too many to name!

fruitless smells are the automatic natural caution of something negative,

and u necessitate 2 look (a) the teeth, tongue, inner cheek, etc,

if u find lumps, he could have cancer, but then it could also be periodontal disease,

this is nil to be "OHMG" over, but it is something serious, and it isnt good!!

keep ur dogs teeth brushed once every 2 days, if it dont travel away, there is something else wrong. any mouth sores on the dog?? if so, it could be in recent times that! or an infection.

this is a common thing.

but dogs mouths dont naturally smell bad- theyre newly like us, like how we dont brush our teeth and we get bleak breath. its simply the decay of whats been eaten, on the teeth. so brushing cures it.
He ate something motionless and stinky?
your give him somthing that smells bad that why . oooh and brush hes/hers teeth

brush his teeth and sometimes afford him a bone to chew on the bone cleans their teeth
I don`t know he ate a dead rat
maybe he ate something dead?
Answers:    Odds are good he has serious dental disease. You should be having your dogs teeth cleaned by your vet at smallest once a year. If it is progressed, during the procedure your dog may very well lose some of his teeth.
You'd be smart to start brushing the dogs teeth, (remember to use a toothbrush or cleaning tool and toothpaste formulated for dogs) but watch for signs the dog is contained by pain: eating only on one side of his mouth, refuse to eat, seeming to be sensitive to touching on the face, infection or bleeding of the gums, any sign of pus, and a dark brown discharge or wreckage around the lips (this is usually saliva and blood mixed and dried).
If you've ever had a toothache you know how much it hurts, we owe our pets indistinguishable care we'd give ourselves.
Ofcourse! He ate dead meat.
Well go to the pet-doctor.
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