My Dog's Foot???????

I don't really know wut happened but when I came home my dog come running to me and then screamed. Her foot was hurt and I TOTALLY don't know wut happen. We took her out for business and she wouldn't even do her business. Her tail is down and she nibbles your hand/gets mad whether we try to look(touch.observe) her foot.
Poor entity!

She might have stepped on something, or got something stuck in her pad. You may want to let a vet take a peek at her- and label sure to muzzle her so she won't hurt the vet too. There are soft muzzles that won't do anything except keep the dog from biting.

Good luck!
Sounds close to your dog is in a lot of pain and distress and she should be taken to an emergency vet to acquire her some help. Any number of things could have happened while you be gone. She could have got her foot stuck in something and hurt it while trying to free herself, something could enjoy fallen on it, she could have stepped on something, etc. Since she isn't using the limb, it is demonstrably hurting her her alot so get her to a vet as soon as possible.
Maybe you stepped on her foot...newly guessing.

Sometimes dogs hurt their feet, and it heal quickly.
Ex: My dog hurt its foot and we didn't know how. She was limping around but after about five minutes she be back to normal.
If it has be a while though, I highly recommend taking her to the vet. Otherwise it'll just get worse
You should lug her into the vet. Maybe she stepped on it wrong and it twisted.
Perhaps she have a thorn or burr punctured in her paw... Try to get her in to see the vet...
It will take two of you - Put her on her leash and one of you hold her head so she cannot bite. Be fundamentally gentle. The other person needs to look at her foot to see whether she may have a thorn or a cut or a rock or something on her pad. If you see something, and can GENTLY remove it, do so. Save it in a sandwich baggie to filch to the vet with you so the vet will know exactly what happened. Then put a coating of vaseline over the entire nouns. If you don't see anything, that's ok, there may be something else that is bothering her foot, or it may be embedded too echoingly for you to see or remove. EIther way, take her to the vet as soon as possible to have her checked. It shouldn't be an emergency, but she does necessitate to get to the vet to get checked.
You know who could help you out a lot more than a bunch of people on the internet?

Answers:    Anything could have happened! We cannot diagnose your dog over the Internet. We are not vets, and would single be guessing what the problem is. The only one who can tell you for sure is a vet. Her tail is down and she get mad, because she's in pain! Please whip her to an Emergency Vet nearest to your home, if your vets organization is closed! She should not have to suffer in pain!
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