My dogs have the runs?

my dog has been getting constipated lately real desperate then after a day or two he has the runs...can i bestow him something? he eats a basic diet of his dog food but i did try a new bone for his teeth and he gobble it up instead that could be the problem and he also gets jealous of my girlfriend and has eat big parts out of her clothes... what can i do?
Take him to your vet. There is definitely a problem.
okay you boiled rice and fast, he needs it to cover the inside layer of his stomach, also give him plain boiled chicken breast with his rice and put a some smashed canned pumpkin next to it too, to make sure he eats adjectives of the rice, and plenty of water, and i hope the bone was NOT cooked, always lightly cooked bones and if your doggy doesn't chew them up properly - NO more bones, and make sure the bones are not bought surrounded by package's get him the real deal >> from the butchers and start him on on chicken wing, because the bone is more chewy and encourages them to brake it down, but the rice is a miracle worker, give him this for a week straight
hope this works!!

it worked for my pup when she
a- had the runs
b- snuck into bin and ate two cooked bones! but gratitude to this she was fine on both occasions, were plentifully more careful now though

good luck and make available it a try ;)
Answers:    Just take your dog to the vet.
Have it checked out, could still be constipated and the runs are not moving it. Look for the simple answer first.
Get him off the teeth bone and don't buy them for him anymore. Go to the meat dept. of your supermarket and get real bones from them, only tell them you want some bones for your dog, they will know what to give you. They are cheap too and will clean his teeth equal as the junk he ate.

Next make a choice, the girl or the dog. One of them has to be in motion...not kidding
First, double check that the food you're using isn't on the recall index. If it is, stop feeding it immediately and call your vet.

If this is a adjectives problem, talk with your vet about switching food brands. Dogs can own food allergies just like humans. Personally, I use Evoo for my cat and dog. Its wheat free, and grain minimum food. Plus no fear-provoking color of preservative additives.

A lot of what o do next has to do with the age and size of your dog. If its a puppy or an elderly dog, the vet it is. However, whether its an adult dog, you've got options.

If the runs final more than a couple days, go to the vet. In the short term, however ... here's what my vet has me do.

1. Use a toddler gate or other barricade, and get the dog rotten the carpet. :D

2. Switch from water to Pedialyte. I go next to the unflavored version.

3. Stop feeding - and I do mean everything. Let your dog work this out of their system previously you add more food. This does make it very high-status that you go to the vet if the dog doesn't get better.

4. Use Imodium AD - the human diarrhea prescription. There's dosage instructions on the back for children by weight. Use that as a guide for your dog, but be impressively careful. Unlike a human, they can't tell us when the medicine make everything worse. Watch for any signs of bad reaction, and be very vastly careful not to overdose.

If your dog is staying hydrated, you should see an improvement in a few hours. If after 8-10 hours you haven't see any improvement, be prepared to go the vet in the morning.

If the dog stops drinking anything, or otherwise seem to be dehydrated, go straight to the vet.

When you get set to start feeding again, remember that the dog has been fast. Start with a small meal, and keep her/him stale the carpet on theory. If that goes all right, feed another small amount in a few hours, and so on until you've fed a majority amount for 1 day (tho over a course of small meals). The next day nurture as normal.

Last time my husky got the runs, I never did figure out what tipped it bad. She spent three days locked in the kitchen (the only place I have linoleum) or external. The first day was pretty bad, the moment day was better, tho still messy. Day 3 she spent off runner on theory, even though she seemed to be all better. I get her going on Pedialyte within 4 hours of the problem (she has a tendency to procure dehydrated even when healthy - I keep it on hand) and Imodium inwardly 4 more of that. After about 6 hours of both, there was an expansion of sorts. It was more runny (she hadn't had food, and lots of fluid, so I had expected that) but be less frequent. Its that less frequent part you want to see going on fairly quickly - otherwise, go to the vet. If my dog have still had a problem on the morning of day 3, we were head to the vet. If nothing else, at that point it had been long adequate since she ate last that there were potentially other problems.

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