My puppy died yesterday of parvo, when can we adopt again?

We had our baby Leia for 3 short days before she started near the symptoms of the deadly parvovirus. My kids are heartbroken, since this was their first puppy. We would approaching to get a new puppy, and have the opening to do this again. I have seen alot of conflicting information about getting a up to date dog. My vet said to clean everything with bleach and wait a couple weeks to a month. We really didn't hold her very long before finding out and when we did find out she was vanished outside in a specific area beyond our invisible wall. She really never even went upstairs, since most of our time was spent in our own flesh and blood room. Once we found out, she was kept isolated. This has be a horrible situation and we just want to do what's right. I hope someday they can find a cure for parvovirus and no puppy/dog ever has to suffer the way our child did.
Sorry for your terrible experience, with your first puppy too. You have to listen to your vet's advice and even later I'd add on a few months! If I were you, I'd find a breeder who is planning a litter (and a good breeder too) and book a puppy - that approach you will focus your children on the future which will help them get over this loss and grant your place time for the virus to clear.

As for a cure - provided mum's boosters are up to date, so she will be able to pass on unconscious immunity to her puppies from the outset, and it's a good kennel where this terrible disease isn't remotely possible, and your puppy receives his vaccinations at the right time, there's no reason why another puppy will grasp parvo. We never had parvo in

PS You might consider waiting until your new puppy is ripened enough to have had at lowest possible one course of vaccination, before bringing him/her home - and hold you told the breeder of this puppy what's happened because she should know - the puppy was most likely infected until that time you collected her. This breeder needs to clean her place too!!
I agree with the vet. Sanitize undeniably everything the puppy had contact with, even little things like forks you used for her food etc. She could own contaminated all of it.
If you wait a while then obtain a new puppy when you're sure there's no chance of it picking up the virus, I'd still get hold of it vaccinated against parvo, just in crust.
So sorry to hear about your loss.
Answers:    so sorry about ur pup, as long as u clean every nook and cranny and have the foreign dogs shots u should be able to get another. make certain the outside area is cleaned up where the pup did potty.pour bleach right on the nouns so it will soak in the ground and do the same for the indoors.get a pup that have already had its shots and even a little older one will be safer since the shots will be contained by its system. i hope u find the perfect healthly pup to help fill the blankness in all of ur families heart and bring happiyness to u and the new dog. good luck
Since parvo can live in the ground for months, even near freezing temperatures.. I would wait at least a year to find a puppy.. if you get a pup in a few months, it may contract the disease contained by the spring when your yard thaws!

If you want a dog sooner, I highly propose you seek a young adult that have been fully vaccinated after your house has be thoughoughly disinfected.
I'm so sorry. Where did you obtain this pup? You could call them and tell them what happened. They might not be civilized for the dogs correctly.
Wait the time your vet said to. You don't want to risk anything.

Later, there should be no problem getting a new dog.
My heart goes out to you. This happen to us too.When the breeder wanted to send another replacement pup home right absent, I called the vet.
6 months you should wait before you bring another puppy domestic, according to them UNLESS you have the time to bleach absolutely everything the puppy came into contact near, and that includes lawns.
I just happened to have the time to do that, and 3 months next we came home with Gidget, and she have been with us for the last 6 years!
Clean everything near Bleach! Clean, Clean, and clean again.
This is how you should clean:
*Throw away her bowls, and her bed.
*Wash all the linins in the house.
*Purchase or rent a carpet cleaner, near an attachment. Clean the carpets, every inch of them. Clean the furniture with the attachment.
*Poor Bleach on the Grass that she had within that "isolated" place.
*Throw away all of her toys
*Bleach her crate, very ably, if you don't want to throw it away.
*Clean the whole house, tolits, sinks, counters, table, anything that is a hard surface with 1 part of a set bleach to 4-5 parts water.

Do all of this EVERY week, for 4-6 weeks.

Do not get another puppy/dog back 4-6 weeks. You do not want to get heartbroken again with another puppy's demise because you didn't want to wait!

EDIT: Get an older pup, 4-6 months old, so that it have it's immune system built up a little. Also, when you choose your new pup, go to your vet, and enjoy it vaccinated(if it hasn't been already). Then let the pup stay at a friends or family member for 1-2 weeks to let the shot kick in since you bring into your house.

Good Luck!
You should wait awile, thats basically like you losing a child then falling pregnant 2 days after. it wouldnt be fair on the kid that just died.
id say a couple rotten months.

sorry about the pup tho :(
Bleach is the only thing that will massacre the parvo virus. There will be things in your house that you can't bleach.
I would wait for a year because parvo can live for that long if it's not within direct sunshine...sun kills the virus.
Also I would not bring a new unvaccinated pup into the house. When you get another dog net sure it has had it's vaccination.
I am so very sorry you lost your little puppy to this horrible killer disease.
my dog brownie had parvo when he was little, luckily he survived and is still alive nowadays, not caring for the dogs is probably natural because she probably got the pet from a shelter from the course it sounds to me, but i'd wait a while AND bleach and clean everything before adopt a new pet and beware of where you got the first one from, for other dogs most promising have the parvo also (and don't bleach the lawn, it will kill adjectives the plants and wont help any if the dog digs in the grass) but do verbs everything properly and wait at least a month or two before adopt a new pet to ensure that the virus isn't still hanging around...p.s. have the dog vaccinate also and take it to the vet before settling down with it
I would do some research first on how to clean your house etc. Plus maybe get the dog vet checked until that time you pick it.

Also maybe waiting a month or so (maybe after Christmas) to let the family grieve instead of merely rushing out to get the first dog you see (which is often the first reaction).
I'm sorry about your puppy. Parvo can live contained by the environment including on the ground outside for 6-9 months. The yard can't really be effectivly disinfected. Also carpets and any soft furniture such as sofas and bed cannot be effectivly disinfected. The best thing you can do is clean everything you can with bleach and next get an older puppy that has have the full series of parvo vaccines. (generally 4 months old) You should then take the puppy to the vet and have an imperviousness titer for parvo done before it ever comes into your home to insure it has a strong imperviousness of parvo. You would be risking the live of any puppy you brought into your home that was unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated.
I'm afraid the "waiting period" should be much longer than a month. Parvo residue can stick around for 5-6 months.
The Parvo virus is one that strikes puppies without mercy. I would recommend that you listen to what you vet has advised you to do. It does not event that you only had her for a few days. She brought the virus in near her when you brought her in the door. The Parvo virus can live in your home and courtyard for up to 6 months. You need to scrub down everything and anything that she came into contact with, including hosing your patio with a bleach solution. Even though she was not on the second floor, whether your kids walked on the floor that she was on, they could have glibly carried it up your stairs via their shoes. If and when you do decide to get another puppy, make certain that he/she has been vaccinated for the Parvo Virus.
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