My puppy have loud stomach noise.?

My puppy has loud stomach noises. This isn't even the first time. She doesn't seem to be contained by discomfort. She eats drinks and plays. I mean when I say loud... it's loud. You can hear it from across a room. She's individual 5 mths old and she is a chihuahua poodle mix. What could this be?
Could be what genus of puppy food you are feeding her.
I would watch the ingredients in her food. A lot of dogs are allergic to things we nurture them. Plus dog food has a lot of preservatives and chemicals in them. Orrrr. she could hold a really loud tummy take her to the vet to check and bring the type of food and treats your feeding her for them to see. Im sure it will be fine.
Answers:    He swallowed a bomb, RUN!
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