My puppy is really tired, is something wrong?

i just found her yesterday at a playground at the local park, and she was very hyper and jovial and came to me when i called. nows she just looks up when i phone call, shes very lazy and only get up to go to the bathroom or eat or drink. shes been ratification gas alot [ew] and her stomach is pretty hard, but shes a pit mix so idk if thats just how they are.

any planning? she is also teething.
i just want to know if i need to lift her to the vet or i can do somethint at home.
Somethings definently up unless she is just getting used to you. Cuz I had a crazy puppy the first daylight but now I have my hyper puppy again. Otherwise I'd say pinch her to the vet since you found her and you dont know her records.
Well, since you "found" this puppy, you should have already call the vet and checked to see if someone has reported her missing.

If not, you should enjoy set up an appt with the vet, even if you can't tell anything is wrong only for a check-up.

Make sure that you're 100% sure this pup doesn't belong to anyone before you establish to keep her.
She may be depressed, maybe she had a family. If she be out then she is a dog that likes outdoors. there is zilch you can do at home. post up signs to see if there is an owner, as for the tetething i would buy her a kong. Take her to the vet whether she is throwing up or anything like that. Please know what you are doing, you look like 15 or something...if your gonna lug care of dog make sure you can.
If you found her and she has a big hard belly she is probably wormy, is he stool bloody or runny or is it solid? Since you found her I would suggest bringing her to a vet. and getting her shots if you plan to keep her whether not bring her to a shelter, especially if you have other dogs/cats and are not going to keep hold of her.
take her to the vet
It would be a accurate idea to get her to a vet, even if there's nought 'wrong' with her, you should get her checked out anyway. Also, she'll entail vaccinations and possible de-worming. They can also see if she's microchipped, as somebody might be missing her.
Good luck.
Take her to the vet! A hard stomach is a sign of something wrong. My dog had a strong stomach and they were afraid that he had cancer, but they were competent to help because we caught it right after it formed.
she is probably going to be fine. when i get a cat she was really curious and playful and energetic to start out. then after 3-4 days she in recent times slept in the same spot, like adjectives freakin day. then she got used to my house and started to be a common happy cat. the exact same thing happened to my dog i get a few years ago... so chances are she'll be fine
she is a puppy small then she us newly tried this happens to all puppies

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You might want to take her to the vet because my puppy was acting similar to that, and she finished up having pneumonia. I'm not saying that that's for sure what she have, but I would get her checked out.
I would def. take her to the vet. Most puppies have worms, which cause the gas and big, hard belly. My puppy had the worst gas when we first adopt him and had a little pot belly. We took him to the vet and they cured it. Plus, you'll necessitate to take her to the vet for her shots and a check up to make sure she's strong. Puppies energy level can go up and down. Maybe she's lately tired from all of the new excitement! Just comfort her and monitor to see if any other strange behaviors occur. The vet will probably be closed tomorrow, so just thieve her on Friday or as soon as it opens again! good luck with your unusual puppy!
she is very worn out and it is normal for puppies to sleep resembling 24/7 and he ended having nothing so i would lately assume that is part of what small puppies do when they are little!

-good luck!
Take her to the vet, better safe later sorry!
Lol, no its fine. She just get wore out, thats all. Maybe she pulled something at the most or hurt her back, but shell be fine.
Take her to the vet, just to craft sure she is OK. Take any instructions they give you. Until consequently, let your puppy sleep! My pup did that when I first got him and he slept forever! He grew out of it.
what did she eat?
conceivably something is upsetting her stomach thats why shes passing a lot of gas
vet always knows best :)
possible PARVO you should get her checked out asap!
Answers:    She feels the heart break for the people who love her & don't know whether she si dead or alive. Put a sign up where you found her & give those those the opportunity to have her/him back. You don't just find dogs. They belong to someone. Make certain he or she gets lots of water. You will get a dog of your own & it will be ultimate for you but this dog, as hard as it is belongs to someone who is really grieving right now.
Is it okay to be lazy once within a while?
Puppies inevitability tons of rest, just like human babies. They have their little spurts of sparkle here and there, but for the most part, they are sleeping a lot. It wouldn't hurt to lug her to the vet just to make sure she is in good health, especially if it was a stray dog.
She could be loaded with worms. Look contained by her poo. Do you see blood, long worms, or little tiny white things that look like rice? They are all indications of different kinds of worms. Look at her gums. Are they pink or white.? White indicates heart worms. If she have the little white things that look like rice that would be a tape worm. If you see any of these things she needs to be taken to the vet to be dewormed. All of these can exterminate her. I have a pit mix. Their stomach should not be hard.
If she does not have these signs it could be an inverted stomach. If a dog eat and then runs alot their stomachs can invert. Very deadly.
That would take surgery to fix that. Leave an expurgate and I will see if I can help you more. If the Mom had worms next the pups could be born with them. Teething usually starts around 4 months and ends around 6 months. Ice cubes are very angelic for teething. They bite it and also it numbs their gums. A hard toy or rawhide helps too. A hard snarled rope. Do tug of war with her. It will help verbs the milk teeth out. {baby teeth} Heart worms attach to the heart and drain her blood. Tape worms attach to the intestines and eat all her food. That could be why she is tired. She`s either anemic or adjectives.
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