My puppy keep gag every 15 mins, is this serious?

My poodle puppy has been gagging around every 15 mins. She appears as usual, playing eating and drinking, however every 15 mins she gags a lot, and after it seems like she is going to vomit but nothing comes out, and later she continues to play. Is something wrong with her? Should she see a vet?
to be on the safe side see a vet but try to seize her to drink a bit more she might have something caught on her throat, like us they have a "gag reflex"
the first entry i would do is pull her mouth open and look down her throat. With a flashlight if you enjoy one. She will be uncofortable but this is needed. See if you can see anything that could possible be gagging her/him. If not then i would hold to assume she feels sick. Take her outside and see if she eat grass. If she does she probably has a tummy ache :(
Answers:    Call the vet. Purebred dogs tend to have more problems than mutts. Your vet will know what you need to do for your dog. Good luck!
Take a look in her mouth and throat - she probably has something stuck within there. If you can't see what it is and remove it, she should get to the vet ASAP!
take her to the vet, or whether you're confident try check her throat, it's common in poodle puppies because they swallow a hair bubble or hair..
so either you try to check and remove it or take it to a vet.. don't consent to it suffer poor thing
If it persists, take her to the vet. She may have swallowed something explicitly causing obstruction or blockage.
telephone call the vet and ask them what they think it is and if you need to purloin her there
yes she should see the particularly but i do not think its super serious. it MIGHT be the flu but take her to the vet tommorrow ok hope that helps
Could be. Gagging could be a pre-lim to coughing like an upper respiratory or near could be something obstructing. Either way, a vet will give you answers. When is her subsequent appointment?
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