Others ways to put down my dog?

My dog Jackson is really old, I believe he suffers from arthritis and god knows what else. It is to the point I have to take him up and down the stairs. I love him, but what can I say. I recently lost my job I be an RN. I am wondering what kind of shot do they give to put an animal down. I don't have the money to lug him to a vet, and I would rather handle this myself. I don't want some stranger doing anything with him. I own needles, and syringes. Is there anyway to make something homemade to put him down. I own an outdated vile of morphine, and other various meds. Anybody please give me some feedback. I don't want Jackson to suffer, I just want him to stir to sleep and not wake up.
As a nurse? you know that this is ethically wrong. So therefore contact a humane society and explain to them your situation. Someone should be able to help you. By that I mean, have it done humanely but a veterinarian.
If you were really an RN, I don't think that you would ask this question contained by the first place.
There is a shortage of RN's nationwide. Therefore, you should be able to find another job efficiently..if you are an RN.
NOPE! YOU ARE NOT AN RN. Just checked your other questions which included spaying your cat yourself.
You are not good at impersonate.
Did you lose your job as a nurse because you were stealing syringes and morphine?
Typically animals are given a dose of pentobarbital. I doubt you could get this over the counter, but perhaps you could ask a vet to sell you some. Please don't try anything else, it would be inhumane and possibly illegal.
I'm really sorry about your dog, I went through the same piece. My dog Jordan had to also be taken up and down the stairs everyday, had arthritis, and kidney failure.. whether your dog only has arthritis and that is the use he cannot get up and down the stairs, don't put him down yet.. because arthritis can hurt but MOST old dogs hold it and live with it well.

As for putting him down at home, you really shouldn't and you really can't. I anticipate morphine might work, but you have to remember; you do not know if it is the strong enough dose, and whether you give it to him, you may make him suffer more because the morphine could just build him feel really horrible and not actually kill him.. You don't know the right amount of these meds to use for your dog, so you really should just try and gather up enough money for the vet to do it properly..

I know it's frozen to see him suffer, but do you think he's actually suffering yet? He could be hurting a short time from joint pain, but like i said, most feeble dogs have that.

hope i helped, please make the right conclusion.
I work (a) a vet clinic. we use a euthanasia solution that stops the heart vary quickly . If you do this wrong you will cause your dog to suffer and ill-fatedly you will never forgive yourself. It will be 100.00 or so to do it the humane way ,he gave you everything. give him a piece full closing.
I don't know if you could be charged with animal abuse whether you don't have a vet involved in this - one who at least prescribes or provides the medication. Call your vet office and explain the situation. He might be able to take aspirin or something comparable that could provide some serve for his pain but it sounds as if you really aren't sure whether he has other health problems or not. Can you give him living space downstairs, comfy bed, etc?
It's really sturdy to lose a pet but when the times comes, hold him until the end. Sometimes to show we love them we have to let them move about.
It is 20:00 at the clinic where I work. IF you love him then why would you want to attempt to euthanize him and mess him up really defectively!! This is insane
The only for certain thing to make him go to sleep and build sure he stays a sleep is to euthanize him. Vets use an over dose of an injectable anesthetic to do this that is very nippy acting on the central nervous system. Morphine would not accomplish this. Anything you give him could may him suffer, and i.e. the exact opposite of what you want to accomplish with euthanasia.

The suicide drugs are a aching end in that it literally makes them hold a heart attack and is very painful and again, the end results may not be release, but continues suffering. An overdose of morphine could produce the same result.

To get the end result and to fashion your pet NOT suffer, I'd take him to a vet or shelter to have him euthanized. To do it any other way is up to you, but potentiall inhumane or cruel.

Ask a friend to stir with you, see if a vet can come to your home (I've done abundant home euthanasias for friends), etc. But I do not recommend doing it at home with some cocktail that might incentive suffering and pain. If money is an issue, most shelters offer this service at a lower cost.

Also, can I ask why you have within your possession a DEA schedule II opioid analgesic?
Bullet to the head.

Cheapest/simplest bearing.

Take it outback. And take a shotgun to it's head.
You are contemplating something highly illegal. Do not attempt to euthanise a dog yourself. It doesn't cost much to have your dog euthanised by a vet. Find a low cost vet and do the wearing clothes thing. Don't you have a credit card?

Go without something yourself (alcohol? cigarettes?) so you can enjoy your dog put to sleep with dignity. Surely after all these years of devotion he has shown you, you can do the right article by him as he takes his last breath. You say you love him but you are prepared to do this to him? You call that love?

RN's should not be in possession of morphine and you are doing something highly wrong as it is. Morphine has to be signed out for a patient. It is not there for the taking by any RN. You nouns very suss indeed. I can't help but wonder why you lost your job.

Clearly you haven't have your dog to a vet for some time if you only believe he 'he suffers from arthritis and god knows what else'. Did you never consider the affliction this dog has been suffering and take him to a vet?

Add: Thanks for checking it out Laurie. So it's a troll posting for attention.
I do will the children would stop giving appalling advice on serious matters.
Answers:    I feel for ya...I am so sorry. This has get to be killing you. No money..ask a horse vet and work it off paymentsor something.

I hate to influence it but give him all ya have and PRAY it works.Morephine first! If near is no other resolution.
I know how you feel and I'm sorry that your poor dog sounds like he is contained by bad shape. The vets generally use an overdose of barbiturates and I doubt you can return with you hands on that. Whatever you do, don't try to make up some homemade concoction that could cause the dog undue strain and suffering. Some vets will come to your home if that will generate you feel better, but if you take him to the vet, you can hold him while he receive the injection. It shouldn't cost that much to see an old friend off in a respectful dignified bearing.
Have you called your local vets and asked how much it would cost to euthanize him?

How about your local SPCA or Humane Society? They recurrently do it at a low cost.

If you love him, you'll want to euthanize him CORRECTLY, not take chances at trying an ''at home'' solution. What if it go horribly wrong?

Find a way to afford it.
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