Please minister to! My dogs gums are white???

My little chihuahua has been acting real sick the concluding few days. It took some time to notice that she was laying down the unharmed shes peeing wherever and her gums are completely white. She is an inside dog and her teeth be always kind of rotten. I figured from adjectives the human food, I knew she had one rotten tooth. But now adjectives her front teeth are missing! Could she have some sort of serious infection in her mouth? or is in attendance something else going on? And I know she needs to go to the vet but my ma for some reason judge its not necessary and she seems like shes touching on dying
You entail to get some honey into her immediately, she has low blood sugar from not consumption, and because of her bad teeth you will have to make her food outstandingly soft. See to it that she eats.she may need to have a saline induction since she is so far down. That is the case they hang and stick the needle into an is to put the salts and sugars hindmost into her system. They use it in hospitals to keep patients from getting weak up to that time, during and after surgery. She really needs to see a vet, but for now, get the honey, syrup, anything full of sugar surrounded by her. Right now.
a dogs gums becoming white is a SURE sign of being anemic. any from ticks or fleas or something internal.
take your dog to the vet and your dog may need to get some blood from a donor dog at the vet's department too.
with her teeth rotting, she has a mouth infection or gum infection. her teeth may have to be removed too :(
even whether your mom thinks that, take her to the vet ASAP

how old is your dog too?
If your mom cares about your dog, she will take her to the vet or you may lose her.
Is this a sign that you should maybe, oh I dont know, consult a licensed medical doctor? Its not necissary. You just admitted shes approaching DYING! I am so sick from this. I'll be you didnt know that white gums means shes dehydrated, right?
Dr. Dog
The first indication a dog is sick are pasty gums so wither your dog has an infection which can be cured or a gum disease which means some teeth may have to be removed.should rob him to the vet ASAP as you love your dog,If you were sick and had a temperature would your Mum lug you to the Doctor?
Take her to the vet. Or whether your mum isn't sure just call the vet and ask notify them whats wrong. They will tell you how serious it may be. Make the phone call. Good luck.
Answers:    White Gums can mean Anemia, Shock, Severe Infection or Internal Bleeding and it's a very serious problem that needs to be taken safekeeping of by a vet immediately! You said this has been going on for a few days. She should enjoy been taken to the vet, when you first noticed her pale gums. She's already be this way, too long! Chihuahuas are very vulnerable and they can move about downhill really fast if you are not careful! You obligation to tell your mom, that if she doesn't take your dog to a vet Today, that the dog may die. This is a greatly serious situation, that cannot be put off until tomorrow, because if you let it stir, you may wake up in the morning and your dog will already have passed absent! If your vets office is not open, consequently you need to take her to the nearest Emergency Vet you can find! I really hope that she pulls through this and that it's not already to late for her to take help! Please for your dogs sake, do not wait on this! She needs back right now! Good Luck!
She requirements a vet NOW! Pale gums indicate a serious problem, possibly internal bleeding, or serious infection.
Your dog sounds shocky, lacking satisfactory circulation, due to a systemic infection , which CAN be caused by lack of dental care. Get to an emergency vet tonight , she might not be here by morning.
Emergency vet-now!
White gums is a severe sign of illness, you enjoy a very sick dog. If your mother is this clueless, go tell your father. The dog desires vet care or you're going to have a dead dog soon.
How old is your doggie?

I know white gums can mean greatly of things. For instance she could be anemic. What causes anemia? A million things. Improper diet, internal bleeding, and even worms. Basically if the doggie is anemic its blood is not carrying enough oxygen around to its cell because there aren't enough red blood cells.

Since the dog have rotten teeth it could be gum disease, but I would think a gum disease would have red inflamed gums not white. If the dog's heart is not pumping circulation properly, that would also leave gums white.

The doggie requests de-wormed if it does have worms. My vet usually checks a stool token for worms. The dog needs to be put on a very good special food to boost its nutrition whether it is anemic. When my animals get sick my vet often prescribes a specific brand of hills science diet depending on the condition. Your doggie desires regular vet visits too, whenever possible. I know times are really tight right now for everyone, so that might be unavoidable. As far as rotten teeth run, you CAN brush your dog's teeth. It would help a little. Giving him the proper food will help its nutrition and its teeth too. Look into a pious quality dog food. Since its teeth are bad, dry food would have to be soaked surrounded by water to make it soft. I doubt it can crunch things up now.

I hope your dog get better .
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