Please Help me Name a Dog Rescue?

I have been taking in the unwanted and homeless for over 7 years very soon and finding forever homes for them. I have also rescued 357 dogs from a Puppy Mill since Feb of this year. It's Time to make it official. Any Suggestions?
Adopt Me Rescue. Or what the first poster posted.
Be careful and check your State and county regulations on this. It can be illegal in some states to merely "make it official" and declare yourself a rescue without the right license. You may also enjoy to prove in some places that you are a 501(c)3 organization.
I've helped find homes for copious dogs in my past, taken in ones that be in danger, had them spayed/etc and screen out excellent homes but that does not make you (or me) a rescue.
Check out's rules and regulations for becoming a rescue that can post on their site, at:
Just be careful, I've certain people who started adding a cute name to their fliers and stuff when finding homes for dogs and completed up in a lot of trouble with the state!

I like "Second Chances" but I deduce there is one already. Shouldn't matter if your on a local plane.

I love dogs, your awsome for what you do.
Hound Dog Rescue Round Up

lasso yourself a lovable pooch partner!
~western theme!~

just kid.. i actually laughed out loud somewhat

how about... Nick Nack Paddy Wack Give The Dog A Home

or... doggy doggy wheres your home

give me a chace rescue
love a dog rescue
Lost Angels Animal Rescue.
First past its sell-by date, I just want to say that you are a great person and I thank
you for rescuing so abundant dogs and puppies.

For a name how about Rover's Rescue, Paws of Love Dog Rescue
or Playful Paws Rescue. I hope you find the right name for your

God bless and hold a GREAT day!
A Better Life
A Loving Home
Angel Dogs
A moment Chance
A Second Chance
Hero Hounds Need Help
A Home For Dogs
Licking Forever Dog Rescue. I think it sounds nice.
homeless hounds

Paws for Rescue
Answers:    AWW you are sweet economically i like 'Forever Homes-puppy/dog care and rescue' because you even said you are finding forever homes or 'Puppy Paws-rescue shelter' 'Hope for Pups' or 'Save 'em All' i hope you liked these name.
a second unsystematic
helpful dogs
working dogs
dogs that need help
cute pups
I was going to name one "Frisky Whiskers" but you can use it if you want. (:
Hope is other here

lol i dont know.. im not very good at making up names =P
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